LFSaw added code crude ringbuffer recording 03 Dec'19 13:08

loop-record into two buffers with record-once control

n.salerno added code Using CCResponder Function to Use Midi Controller Slider to Generate and Control the Frequency of a SinOsc Frequency Variable 03 Dec'19 08:30

I have only been using SuperCollider for a couple of weeks, and I am finding it rather tough, so please bear with me. I would like to use the argument 'value' (integer) from the function CCResponder to control the frequency of the frequency argument

Bruno Ruviaro commented on Granular Sampling GUI Demo 1 13 Nov'19 16:05

@Martin only now saw your message here, not sure what the error was. Did you select all (control + A) before running the code with control + Enter?

user commented on Infinite rhythmic marimba clusters 09 Nov'19 19:29

This doesn't run in SuperCollider on my machine. I get this error: ERROR: syntax error, unexpected '(', expecting $end in interpreted text line 99 char 1: ( ^ t = Task { ----------------------------------- ERROR: Command line pa

user commented on Punchy break 05 Nov'19 16:52

those numbers, defined inside the patches, where do you pick them from?

user commented on Creepy plinking 05 Nov'19 16:50

top notch, sounds like the caretaker

bgola added code markov buffer 01 Nov'19 10:30

nicolaariutti added code THX Deep Note reconstruction 26 Oct'19 10:22

So long i've been waiting to work on it and this is my attempt in recreating the iconic sound of THX logo using SC. I've tried to follow instructions from the score:

nicolaariutti commented on Entropy - Midterm: THX Deep Note Variation (musc-115-thx) 26 Oct'19 10:13

very interesting!

56228375 commented on Cello 25 Oct'19 18:03

cool sound, but to me it sounds better with longer attack and higher sustain, e.g. Pbindef(\cello_lick, \instrument, \cello, \scale, Scale.minor, \octave, Prand([3,4], inf), \degree, Prand([0,2,4,5,6,7], inf), \pan, 0.0, \dur, Pstu

nicolaariutti added code panflute sampler 20 Oct'19 13:42

A slightly modified version of my sampler (,, I made it to test it wit

nicolaariutti added code Cello 19 Oct'19 17:18

making some experiments I came out with this sound which resambles a cello to me. Let me know in the comments below what do you think about it. Please let me know if you have any suggestions and advices to make it sound better. Thank you so much :

user commented on Creepy plinking 15 Oct'19 04:57

This is awesome. Congrats.

badnumbersmusic commented on Melodic, beat driven, evening synthesis. 05 Oct'19 15:45


badnumbersmusic added code Creepy plinking 05 Oct'19 15:43

Just rediscovered this thing I made a couple of months ago. I love it.

badnumbersmusic added code Punchy break 05 Oct'19 13:32
in fmdrums

Breakbeat made of out FM-synthesized drums. A little too saturated but nice and punchy.

Thomas Legacy added code techno kick 02 Oct'19 11:51

My first submission to this site, with hopefully many more to come. Here's one of the first real sounds I've synthesized that I've thought sounded good: a techno kick influenced by the style of artists like Introversion. Feedback appreciated! I'm

semiquaver commented on Basic Feedback Delay Network SynthDef 20 Sep'19 12:48

very cool! there's a grainy/clicky sound with louder inputs that I'd love to figure out how to avoid though... wonder where to fiddle...

g_montel commented on cog wheels 19 Sep'19 12:47

excellent ! thanks for sharing !

redFrik added code cog wheels 17 Sep'19 17:20

for drawing cogwheel icons

willschrimshaw added code Melodic, beat driven, evening synthesis. 05 Sep'19 07:25

Posted at the request of Jonathan Reus. Melodic components generated with a simple fm based synth. A nice kick drum sound, some swirly noise and a bit of granular ambience.

olaf commented on Launchpad 02 Sep'19 10:46

this is outdated use:

56228375 added code instant nostalgia with wow and flutter 31 Aug'19 09:22

add instant nostalgia to your music with a touch of wow and flutter link for the sample: (probably not a physically accurate emulation)

jamshark70 added code GUI: Time-domain continuous vs sampled signals, and FFT representation 13 Aug'19 23:32

Here's a demo I cooked up for a synthesis theory class. Textbooks say that the Nyquist theorem proves there is one only one way to draw a band-limited continuous signal through a set of samples. This GUI lets you see it for yourself. In the multis

g_montel added code In the style of Autechre Mirrage 19 Jul'19 07:54

Quick experiment in the style of Autechre Mirrage ambient track

michaeldzjap added code Basic Feedback Delay Network SynthDef 18 Jul'19 12:40

Example of a basic feedback delay network or FDN of order 8. Requires the MathLib quark. Use the scale argument to increase / decrease the delay time and the coef argument to control the decay time. Smaller scale values produce resonating sounds, lar

eli.fieldsteel added code multiple wavetable animation 04 Jul'19 22:11

GUI animation for multiple wavetable interpolation

eli.fieldsteel added code waveshaping animation 04 Jul'19 21:58

GUI animation for signal waveshaping

56228375 commented on polynom 28 Jun'19 14:23


scornaz added code polynom 28 Jun'19 12:27
in melody

56228375 added code some missing string operations: split on regex; replace regex; between regex 18 Jun'19 17:31

some useful string operations which appear to be absent in sclang

g_montel commented on Hymncycle (Second Phase) 17 Jun'19 17:49


g_montel commented on Kepler 22-b atmosphere 17 Jun'19 17:28

wow !

g_montel commented on winter curves 17 Jun'19 17:26

loving it

56228375 commented on Wavetable Synthesis Patterns 10 Jun'19 03:06

convincing generative game music :)

nicolaariutti commented on Wavetable Synthesis Patterns 08 Jun'19 09:44

Thank you for all the energy you put in making yours great tutorials! Thanks for sharing your code

nova commented on Wavetable Synthesis Patterns 07 Jun'19 10:06

mindblowing. really nice. thank you for sharing!

alln4tural commented on Tibetan prayer bells 07 Jun'19 04:01

wow, this is incredible, thanks a lot for sharing

alln4tural recepted on Tibetan prayer bells 07 Jun'19 04:00


g_montel commented on Wavetable Synthesis Patterns 06 Jun'19 12:30

This sounds so good, thanks for your wonderful tutorials Eli !

eli.fieldsteel added code Wavetable Synthesis Patterns 05 Jun'19 17:22

Some sketches with wavetable synthesis patterns developed in connection with SuperCollider Tutorial 23 on YouTube:

g_montel commented on Automatic composition of tonal canons 02 Jun'19 08:43

Impressive ! Thanks for sharing !

g_montel recepted on Automatic composition of tonal canons 02 Jun'19 08:43


jamshark70 added code Stereo phase scope 31 May'19 02:56

Very quick-and-dirty hack to show stereo phase. Center = up (12:00). Full left = 10:30, full right = 1:30.

56228375 commented on Walsh-Hadamart transformations in supercollider 29 May'19 18:00

ooh! i had no idea. thanks!

nolente commented on Walsh-Hadamart transformations in supercollider 29 May'19 15:20

very interesting! in the SC3 plugins collection there is also a WalshHadamard class

56228375 added code Walsh-Hadamart transformations in supercollider 26 May'19 03:55

This code is accompanied by a blog article: . It's a straightforward implementation of walsh hadamard transformations. The Walsh-Hadamard transform mathematically decompos

Wingel Pérez Mendoza added code SimpleMIDIFile help 23 May'19 17:37

Dear friends, I am trying to manipulate different aspects in a midi file, so far, I am having problems with 2 particular aspects. I want to control my midi file with a slider, but I don´t know why is not working, another problem is that my code does

olaf added code blippoo Box 23 May'19 17:26

This is a implementation of the blippoo box as it is documented in the article "The Blippoo Box: A Chaotic Electronic Music Instrument, Bent by Design" by Rob Hordijk. i saw on Richard Scotts blippoo box some parameters that are not documented as suc

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115 115 modulations 115granular 115modulations 115pluck 1bit music 303 3d 3d sound 808 8bit ableton push abstract abstraction accelerando accordion acid additive synthesis alarm aleatoric algorave algorhitmic algorithm algorithmic algorithmic aleatoric patterns mallets algorithmic composing aliasing alien alienating allpass am ambience ambient amplitude amplitude modulation amplitude tracker amplitude trigger amsynth analog analogue analysis analyzer animated user interface animation aphex twin ardour armonizacion arpeggio array arrays art arvo pãrt atari atmosphere atonal attack audio fx audiovisual auto automatic autotune bach background backtracking ball bandcamp basic basoons bass basses bassline basso gettato beach beat beat slicer beats beep beginner bell bells beng benoit binary binaural bird birdsong bits bitwise bleep bleeps blender blip blippoo box blow blues body sound boids bossa bossa nova bouncy brainwave brass breaking glass breath breathing broken brown noise bruno bubbles buffer buffers bufrd building block bus bzakirasantjago bzbuzz camp value canon car carnival cc cello cellos cellular automaton chance channel strip chaos chaosgen chaotic cheap cheaptune chicago chill chiptune chord progressions chords chromatic chunks church circus city clap clarinets class classic classical click clicks clip clipping clock clowns clusters cmdperiod code code fork code generation coding collatzproblem color color picker colour compilation complex complex wave complexres complexwave composition compression compressor computer contimbre contraints control control bus control signal control signals controller convenience converter convertrhythm convoluted convolution convolution comb granular theory conway conways game of life cookbook cover cowbell crackles crossfade crossing cs80 cube cumbia cumulative pulses dangerous dark decelerando deep note default synth delay demand detection detune dialog dialogue dirty display disquiet disquiet junto disquiet0048libertederive disquiet0050morsebeat dissonant distort distorted distortion distribution doodle dot drag dragon drand drawing drone drone freerun drop drum drums dry dseq dstutter dub dubstep dust dust2 dx7 dynklank dystimbria dystopian easy echo editor educational effect effects el cubito de chuito electric piano electricity electro electronic emulation endless engine entrypoint envelopes environment epic sax guy es5 escala espiral et12 euclidean event event type eventtype example experiment experimental expert sleepers extension fanboy fdn feedback feedback delay network feedforward network fft filter filtered filtered noise filtering filters flute flutter fm fm grains envelope modulation fm synth fm synthesis folk fork formant formant synthesis fourier fractal frames freeverb frequency modulation frequency ratio frequency shift frequency_modulation frog fun function funky funny futuristic fx gabber game game of life games gate gaussian wave gendy generative generator geometry give me a sine glitch glokenspiel grain grainin grains granular granular sampling granular synthesis granulation granulator graphic graphics gregorian chant grid gui gui interaction gui views guitar guitar pedal hacknoise hacks handclap happy hardcore harmonic harmonic minor scale harmonica harmonics harmony harp harsh help helper heterodox hex hexon hi hat high hihat hiss hoover howto hum hypnosis hypnotic i ching iching icon idm if illusion image processing imitation immersive improvisation impulse incremental infinite informative infrastructure inharmonic partials insect insects insensatez instrument interactive interface interpolate invention ir irritating isochronic jazz jetsons jit jitlib jpeg jpg junto just just intonation kalimba kaoss pad kaprekars constant karplusstrong karplusstrong synthesis karpusstrong keyboard kick kick drum kinect king wen king wen sequence kitchen klangs klank kraftwerk language laser laughing launcher layout layouts lazer lfdnoise lfdnoise0 lfdnoise1 lfdnoise3 lfo life simulator lifeforms limiter line linear list live live coding live looping livecode livecode algorave livecoding lizard loader lofi logo long long or short loop looper loudness lsystem machine mapping maqam music trainer marimba markov markov chain math mathematics matrix maximizer mckenna mechanical mellow melodic melodica melody melt menor armonica meta metal metallic metering method metre micromelodies microrhythms microtiming midi midi control change cc soft takeover gui midi file midicontroller midiin minimal minimalism minor mirrors mixer mixfill moaning modal modality modalitycookbook model modulate modulation modulation index module molecular money mono monophonic mood music moog morph morphing morse morse code motor mouse mousex mousey mouth harp movie mpd18 multichannel multiline multiple wavetable synthesis multislider musc musc115 musc115 a3 musc115pluck musc115thx musc9pluck musc9plunderphonics music music box music theory mvc mystic solfeggio möchtegernikeda nap natural nature nautilus ndef nested neurofunk nimate noise noisy nonlinear nonrealtime nostalgia notation notenumbers nrt numer to pitch nyquist oboes ocean omelet oneshot onset onset detection orchestra order organ orquestral osc osc receiver oscillator oversampling pad pads padsynth paint palindrome panola parametric parser abc score notation partitions path pattern patternproxies patterns pbind pbindef pbindf peaceful peak detection pedagogy pedal pen pentatonic perc percussion percussive performance tool periodic ambient study permutations phase phasemodulation phasing phrygian physical model pi piano piano player picker picture piece pinknoise pitch pitch correction pitch shifter pitch tracking plane platform play playback player plot pluck plucked plucked strings plugin plunderphonics pmono polyphonic pong pop pops port position post window prime numbers processing prototype pseq pseudoclass prototyping pspawner psy psychoacoustic pulse pulsing pure pwm quadriphonic quantization quarks quasiinstrumental quick quine quiz quneo r2d2 radio noise radio static rain random random number generator randomness recoder record recorder recursion recursive network reed regex register relaxed render renderer renoise repetitive research resonance resonator resonz retro reusable reverb reverse reverse engineering rgb rhodes rhythm rhythmic rhythmicon rich ring modulation ring modulator risset room tone rossler routine routing rythm sad sample samplepack sampler samples sampling sampling theorem satan saw saw synth sawtooth sax sc140 scanned scanned synthesis scannedwave scary sccode scdoc scgraph sci fi science scifi sclang scope scopeout scopeout2 scopeview scplugins scrambled eggs screen saver scroll sctweet sctweets scu seek selection selfstep sequence sequencer sequencing sequential series of numbers serum server shaman shared shephard shift shift register shortcut shuffle sick side chain sidechain signal analysis signalvoid simple simple example simple harmonic motion simplemidifile simulation sine sine cluster sine wave sinewaves singers sinosc siren sitar sketch sleep sleepy slider slow smooth snare snow snowcrashproject soft song sonification sort sound sound and image sound design sound effects sound file sound forms sound fx soundeffect soundeffects soundfile soundfiles soundscape space space alien weapon laser raygun blaster spacecho spaceship spacey spatial spatialization spectrogram spectrum speculative speech speedcore spinback spiral spiritual splatter square wave squarepusher squiggle star trek star wars status step step sequencer stereo stk stochastic strange stranger things street string string manipulation strings trap stutter substractive synth subtractive subtractive synthesis supercollider svf swarm swarming sync synchronisation synchronization synth synthdef synthesis synthesis techniques synthesizer synthetic synths sysex tabla tag talkbass tape experimental reich tapestop task tb303 teaching techno techno kick tempo terence mckenna test texture the cube the muse theme themepark theory theoryquark theremin threshold throttling thue thump thunder thx thx deep note time time stretch timeline timing timpani tip tonality tool tracking tradicional instrumens trand transform transition trap set tremelo triad triangle trick trig trigger triggers trippy trumpet tubulars tune tuning tutorial tweet tweetgui tweets twotube ufo ui underoath unfunky unnamable update upic user interface userview utilities utility venetian snaeres video game music view vinyl emulation violin violins visions visual visualization vocable vocal voice vowel vsti vuvuzela walshhadamard warp1 watching water wave wave field synthesis waveform waveforms waves waveshaping wavetable wavetable synthesis weak connection wfs white noise whitenoise wibbles wind window wineglass winter wobble woodwind work in progress wow wub xenakis xilophone yamaha yaxu zap


34 39 4 synthdefs to choose from 43 is very nice advanced alarming algregorian ambience ambient analog andy farnell audio analysis automatic spatialiser awesome awesome awesome sound basic beautiful bell bistable physics sonification hearalike breathing calming collection complex composition control cool cosmic cryptic dark deep digital kitchen drony drumkit educational electric electrobells energy epic example excellent external program fantastic fft freeze flight freaking awesome freezes my lang fries my brain frightening fun funky funny glitch grains granular graphics instructional great great and useful great for acoustic instruments and analog synths greetings from maryanne amacher groovy gui gui interface hack i just love arvo pärt thanks idm if im posting a stutterlivelooper impressive industrial informative inspiration instructional instructive instrument interesting jazzy just to round out the examples klank krautrock l33t lovely made me cry makes me hungry matchcut melancholic metallic morphing natural ndef neat nice nice use of the default synth noisy organ organic patterns percussive ping preset save random realistic realisticsounding really nice going to need to study this one redfrikfan relaxed resynthesis retro rukanofan satisfying scanned synthesis scanned wave synthesis ship horn shizzle ma nizzle simple simulation sines sleepy soft some rhythm sound soundboard space spacy spatial spielkind spring star trek strange strangeloop stunning sudden surprising syntax thanks so much this is beautiful i love arvo thumpy timesink tonal trance transition trick tweet useful va visualization wasps wilderness with video wobbly twinkles works wow


A2K AY AllpassC AllpassL AllpassN AmpComp AmpCompA Amplitude AmplitudeMod Any AppClock Array Array2D Association AudioIn BAllPass BBandPass BBandStop BHiPass BHiPass4 BHiShelf BLowPass BLowPass4 BLowShelf BMoog BPF BPeakEQ BRF Balance2 Ball BhobHiShelf BhobLoShelf BiPanB2 Blip BlitB3 BrownNoise BufCombL BufDelayL BufDur BufFrames BufRateScale BufRd BufSampleRate BufSamples BufWr Buffer Bus Button CCResponder COsc Changed ChaosGen Char CheckBadValues CheckBox Class Clip ClipNoise Clock CmdPeriod CoinGate CollStream Collection Color CombC CombL CombN Compander CompanderD Complex ComplexRes CompositeView Condition Control ControlDur ControlRate ControlSpec Controller Convolution Convolution2 Crackle CrossoverDistortion CuspL CuspN DC DFM1 DPW3Tri DPW4Saw DWGPlucked Date Dbrown Dbufrd Dbufwr Decay Decay2 Decimator DecodeB2 DegreeToKey DelTapRd DelTapWr Delay1 Delay2 DelayC DelayL DelayN Demand DemandEnvGen DetectSilence Dgeom Dialog Dibrown Dictionary Disintegrator DiskIn Diwhite Document Done DoubleArray Drand Dseq Dseries Dshuf Dstutter Dswitch Dust Dust2 Duty Dwhite Dwrand Dxrand DynKlang DynKlank EZKnob EZNumber EZRanger EZSlider Env EnvFollow EnvGate EnvGen EnvelopeView Error Event EventPatternProxy ExpRand FBSineC FBSineL FBSineN FFT FM7 FMGrain FOS FSinOsc Fb Fdef Feedback File FileReader Filter Float FloatArray FlowLayout FlowView Fold Font Formant FormantTable Formlet Free FreeSelf FreeSelfWhenDone FreeVerb FreeVerb1 FreeVerb2 FreqScope FreqScopeView FreqShift Friction Function GUI GVerb Gate GbmanL GbmanN Gendy1 Gendy2 Gendy3 Gendy5 GlitchRHPF Gradient GrainBuf GrainFM GrainIn GrainSin GrayNoise Greyhole GridLayout Group HLayout HPF HPZ1 HPZ2 Harmonics Hasher HenonC HenonL HenonN IEnvGen IFFT IRand IdentityDictionary IdentitySet Impulse In InFeedback InRange Index IndexInBetween IndexL Int8Array Integer Integrator InterplEnv Interval JPverb K2A KeyState Klang Klank Knob LFBrownNoise0 LFBrownNoise2 LFClipNoise LFCub LFDClipNoise LFDNoise0 LFDNoise1 LFDNoise3 LFGauss LFNoise0 LFNoise1 LFNoise2 LFPar LFPulse LFSaw LFTri LPF LPZ1 LPZ2 Lag Lag2 Lag2UD Lag3 Lag3UD LagUD LastValue Latch LatoocarfianC LatoocarfianL LatoocarfianN LeakDC LeastChange LevelIndicator Library Limiter LinCongC LinCongL LinCongN LinExp LinLin LinPan2 LinRand LinXFade2 Line Linen List ListView LocalBuf LocalIn LocalOut Logistic LoopBuf LorenzL Loudness MIDIClient MIDIFunc MIDIIn MIDIOut MIDIdef Main MantissaMask Matrix Max Maybe MdaPiano Median Message MethodError MidEQ Mix ModDif MoogFF MoogLadder MoogVCF MostChange MouseButton MouseX MouseY MultiSliderView NL2 NamedControl Ndef NdefMixer NetAddr Node NodeProxy NodeWatcher Normalizer Not Note NoteOffResponder NoteOnResponder Number NumberBox OSCFunc OSCdef OSCpathResponder OSCresponder OSCresponderNode Object OffsetOut OnePole OneZero Onsets Order Osc OscN OteySoundBoard Out PMOsc PV_BinScramble PV_BinShift PV_BrickWall PV_MagBuffer PV_MagFreeze PV_MagSmear PV_MagSmooth PV_RandComb Padd Pan2 Pan4 PanAz PanB2 ParGroup PartConv Patch PathName Pattern PatternProxy Pause Pbind Pbindef Pbindf Pbrown Pchain Pclump Pcollect Pdef Pdefn PdurStutter Peak PeakFollower Pen Penvir Pexprand Pfin Pfindur Pfpar Pfset Pfunc Pfuncn Pfx Pgauss Pgbrown Pgeom Phaser Phasor Phprand Pif Pindex PingPong PinkNoise Pipe Pitch PitchShift Pkey Place Platform Play PlayBuf PlayBufCF Player Plazy Plotter Pluck Pmono PmonoArtic Pn Point Polar Poll PopUpMenu Position Post Ppar PparGroup Ppatlace Ppoisson Pproto Prand Process Prout ProxySpace Pseg Pseq Pser Pseries Pshuf Pslide Pspawn Pspawner Pstep Pstretch Pstutter Pswitch Pswitch1 Ptime Ptpar Ptrace Ptuple Pulse PulseCount PulseDPW PulseDivider Pwalk Pwhite Pwrand Pxrand QDragView QPalette QPen QtGUI QuadC QuadL QuadN Quark Quarks RHPF RLPF RLPFD Ramp Rand RandID RandSeed RangeSlider RecordBuf Rect Ref ReplaceOut Resonz Rest RingBuffer Ringz RosslerL Rotate2 Routine RunningMax RunningMin SCCode SOS SVF Sample SampleDur SampleRate Saw SawDPW Scale ScaleInfo Schmidt ScopeOut ScopeOut2 ScopeView Score ScrollView Select SelectX SelectXFocus SendPeakRMS SendReply SendTrig Sequencer Server ServerMeterView ServerOptions ServerTree Set SetResetFF Shaper Signal Silence Silent SimpleController SimpleMIDIFile SinGrain SinOsc SinOscFB Size SkipJack Slew Slider Slider2D Slope SmoothDecimator SoundFile SoundFileView SoundIn SparseArray Spec SpecCentroid SpecPcile Speech Splay SplayAz Spring StackLayout StandardL StandardN StaticText Stepper Stethoscope Stk StkGlobals StkInst StkSaxofony Streson String Sweep Symbol SyncSaw Synth SynthDef SynthDescLib SystemClock T2A TBall TChoose TDelay TDuty TExpRand TGrains TIRand TRand TWChoose TabFileReader TabletSlider2D Tartini Task TaskProxy Tdef TdefGui Tempo TempoBusClock TempoClock TextField TextView Timer ToggleFF Trig Trig1 Tuning TuningInfo TwoPole TwoTube TwoZero UGen Unpack1FFT UserView VLayout VLayoutView VOsc VOsc3 VarLag VarSaw Vibrato View Volume Warp1 WaveLoss WebView WhiteNoise Window Wrap XFade2 XLine XOut ZeroCrossing