ken_brant added code I-Ching Sequencer/Synth (King Wen Sequence) - 1 01 Apr'15 05:14

Sequencer/Synth using the complex wave-form of time, formulated from the King Wen sequence of the I-Ching.

grirgz added code tri-o emulation 29 Mar'15 17:17

I just saw this controller, not a bad idea, but no need to have real rotating discs ;) Adapting this code for use with a regular midi controller should be fairly easy

g_montel commented on Supercollider to Renoise 28 Mar'15 08:57

use instr: 1

g_montel commented on Blowing ambient with lots of reverb 28 Mar'15 08:55

thanks !

defaultxr added code How to tempo-sync LFOs in Patterns across multiple instances of a Synth 12 Mar'15 04:42

This code shows you how to tempo-sync the various oscillator types in SuperCollider. When you play the pattern, you should be able to hear that the output will sound fairly consistent, even though the pattern's \dur is totally random. That is because

p.dupuis commented on Cellular Automaton 10 Mar'15 22:59

Very nice!

coreyker added code Cellular Automaton 10 Mar'15 06:48

A supercollider implementation of algorithmic composition using cellular automaton (please see: for my original inspiration). This code displays a grid of buttons, which can be clicked to generate new agents w

eli.fieldsteel commented on Attack Detection and Amplitude Threshold Setter GUI 03 Mar'15 23:46


umbescla commented on Molecular music box 2 19 Feb'15 16:21

hi , the result is : ( 'isRest': true, 'bla': 3, 'rah': 6 ) ....... no error

grirgz commented on Molecular music box 2 19 Feb'15 13:24

I'm trying to find the 3.6 incompatibility. Please try this and tell me if you get an error : ( ~ev = (bla:3, rah:6); ~myev = ~ev.deepCopy; ~myev[\isRest] = true; )

Bryan Christophe Green commented on MoaningDialogue Synth 17 Feb'15 02:06

This is REALLY cool! Thanks for posting-- yet another great example for me to learn from...

Manolis added code MoaningDialogue Synth 17 Feb'15 00:17

One of the first synths I made. A frog-like sounding synth, with a dialogue between the left and the right channel. I've also notated some simple tweaks.

Bryan Christophe Green commented on Detuneable fat-saw with a pattern 16 Feb'15 21:44

*you'll be adding nodes

Bryan Christophe Green commented on Detuneable fat-saw with a pattern 16 Feb'15 21:43

If you don't set 'doneAction' to a value of '2' in your synth envelopes and you're using this SynthDef to play a tune (say, with a Pbind), you'll need adding nodes with each note which will eventually overload and crash the SC server...

Bryan Christophe Green commented on Blowing ambient with lots of reverb 16 Feb'15 04:05

Very nice! And an awesome learning exercise for beginners like myself.

Bryan Christophe Green commented on Subtractive Synth 16 Feb'15 03:47

AWESOME! This doesn't just sound great, but it's an awesome tut for beginners like myself. Thanks!

Bryan Christophe Green commented on fun little instrument 16 Feb'15 03:09

Very cool!

Bryan Christophe Green commented on Molecular music box 2 16 Feb'15 03:08

Also getting this error. ^^ The preceding error dump is for ERROR: Message 'put' not understood. RECEIVER: nil

philthomson commented on Supercollider to Renoise 16 Feb'15 02:34

Is there a way to specify an instrument to use in the pattern? I tried 'instrument: 0' and 'instrument: 1' and neither seemed to work.

tomasebrennan added code Fun with typos 04 Feb'15 22:34
in glitch

I accidentally set the freqscale of a Klank to 0. What resulted was a surprisingly varied and dynamic bit of glitch. The joy of typos in SC :)

grirgz added code radio tunner and harmonica 03 Feb'15 23:06

Maybe I should not post code which come directly from the SC documentation, but It's been years that I read this doc, I never listened to the code example of the SelectXFocus man page, and now I nearly fell off my chair, these gems are hidden in exam

rukano recepted on The Beasties 21 Jan'15 11:29


rukano commented on The Beasties 21 Jan'15 11:29

cool cool cool!

grirgz commented on The Beasties 16 Jan'15 18:20


henklass added code The Beasties 16 Jan'15 17:56

A life simulator. Beasties are running across the screen, eating, finding a mate and eventually dying. Every event has its own sound.

vividsnow recepted on sandlizard 12 Jan'15 21:51


grirgz added code sandlizard 29 Dec'14 20:31

rukano commented on Supercollider to Renoise 24 Dec'14 23:05

very useful!

coreyker added code Yet another molecular music box 24 Dec'14 13:13

An attempt at coding this algorithm: I haven't really checked for errors, but is sounds ok. There are a few other SC versions as w

mahatgma commented on Makam_tester 16 Dec'14 22:41

In order to run this code, you should download turkish music datase SymbTr via and change the 6th line of code accroding to the path of SymbTr/txt/ folder

mahatgma added code Makam_tester 16 Dec'14 22:39

backseatviolist added code ChannelEQ 07 Dec'14 22:46

A refactoring of wslib's MasterEQ to support busses and MixerChannels, no-GUI mode, better extensibility, etc. A more frequently updated version with docs can be found at

Кри Стиан commented on JPEG / JPG Glitcher 01 Dec'14 04:07

Great!! =D

Devi Skanadze commented on Generative jazz 25 Nov'14 01:11

Just google "euclidean rythms" - (~eu), and "morse thue sequence" - (~mthue)

ttsesmetzis added code Three one liners ( or, better, many liners ) 24 Nov'14 14:03

Based on the examples and references from

coreyker commented on Generative jazz 24 Nov'14 13:28

Would you mind explaining a bit about the two functions: ~mthue, and ~eu? I can see what they are doing, but I'm curious where they come from/higher-level interpretation....

Devi Skanadze added code Generative jazz 24 Nov'14 09:51

download drum loop:

grirgz added code Sound file position selector GUI 23 Nov'14 19:47

Sometime you want to play a certain part of a sound file, but you must provide the Synthdef with the starting and ending buffer frame number. It's nice to be able to select it graphically. <Space> play the selected part (or till the end if no selecti

David Morgan added code fun with closures and pseudoobjects 10 Nov'14 22:03

I'm pleased to discover that you can use closures and pseudoobjects in sc to create pretty clean code to accomplish interesting results. This is a simple way to set up parameters for a pbind using simple rules to vary a phrase.

p.dupuis commented on Operator 08 Nov'14 19:42

I think you're missing some code at the end.

Alexander Lunt added code Operator 08 Nov'14 18:22

A Synthesizer similar to the Ableton Operator: Four Oscillators can be modulated and manipulated in different ways. Just evaluate the whole Code at once ( if there is a failure in server, do it again). For usage and functionality press the help butto

jcc added code Spectrum and Spectrogram of a sound file 07 Nov'14 22:30

Calculates and plots the spectrum at any position in a sound file (only reads one channel). Displays the spectrogram of a selected segment of a sound file. Be careful not to select a very long segment or it will take very long to calculate and disp

grirgz added code Vowel space by formants f2 f1 05 Nov'14 00:32

Code by Andrea Valle

LFSaw added code mpd18UseCase -- FRP style 03 Nov'14 16:40

Example Modality implementation for the MPD18 [usecase]( ## Jeffs "simple" MPD18 use case (JNCv2) The MPD18 has 16 Buttons and a slider. + [So

Jonathan Coon added code Vanguard - A1: Karplus-Strong Synthesis (musc-115-pluck) 30 Oct'14 08:21

This piece is a remix of my previous piece called "Avant Garde" in which a plucking synthesizer is used. In this piece, I have modified the plucking synth and have added more functionality, including reverb and vibrato control. Listen to the piece

Jonathan Coon added code Entropy - Midterm: THX Deep Note Variation (musc-115-thx) 30 Oct'14 08:14

Each of these synths is a variation of SuperCollider code that replicates the TXH Deep Note. A tutorial for replicating the THX Deep Note can be found here: Listen to the piece here

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303 3d 8bit abstract abstraction acid additive synthesis alarm aleatoric algorithm algorithmic algorithmic aleatoric patterns mallets algorithmic composing aliasing alien allpass ambient amplitude amplitude modulation amplitude tracker amplitude trigger analog analogue animated user interface animation aphex twin ardour armonizacion arpeggio array art arvo pãrt atari atonal attack audio fx audiovisual auto background backtracking basic bass bassline beach beat beat slicer beats beep bell bird birdsong bits bitwise bleep bleeps blip blow boids breaking glass broken brown noise bubbles buffer bufrd bus camp value car cellular automaton chance chaos chaotic cheap cheaptune chicago chill chiptune chromatic chunks church circus city class classes click clicks clip clipping closures clowns clusters code code fork coding collatzproblem color colour compilation complex wave complexres complexwave composition computer contimbre contraints control bus controller convenience converter convertrhythm convoluted convolution comb granular theory conway cover cowbell crackles crossfade crossing cs80 cube cumbia dangerous deep note default synth delay demand detection dialog dialogue dirty display disquiet disquiet junto disquiet0048libertederive disquiet0050morsebeat dissonant distort distorted distortion distribution doodle drag drand drawing drone drone freerun drop drum drums dry dseq dstutter dub dubstep dust dynklank dystimbria echo editor educational effect electricity electro electronic emulation endless engine envelopes environment epic sax guy equalizer escala espiral euclidean event event type example experimental extension fanboy feedback feedforward network filter filtered filtered noise filtering fm folk fork formant formant synthesis fractal frames frequency modulation frequency ratio frequency shift frog fun function funky fx game of life games gate gaussian wave generative geometry give me a sine glitch grain grains granular granular sampling granular synthesis granulator graphic graphics gregorian chant grid gui gui interaction gui views guitar hacks handclap happy harmonic harmonic minor scale harp helper high howto hypnosis hypnotic i ching iching idm if image processing immersive improvisation incremental infinite informative inharmonic partials insect insects instrument interactive interface interpolate irritating jazz jetsons jitlib jpeg jpg junto kaoss pad kaprekars constant karplusstrong karplusstrong synthesis karpusstrong keyboard kick kinect king wen king wen sequence kitchen klangs klank kraftwerk laser laughing launcher lazer lfo life simulator lifeforms limiter line linear live coding live looping livecode livecoding lizard loader lofi logo long loop looper machine maqam music trainer marimba markov chain math mathematics matrix mckenna mechanical mellow melody melt menor armonica metal metallic metre microtiming midi midicontroller minimalism mirrors moaning modalitycookbook modulate modulation modulation index molecular money mood music moog morph morphing morse morse code motor mouse mpd18 multichannel musc115pluck musc115thx musc9pluck musc9plunderphonics music music box möchtegernikeda nap natural nature nautilus ndef nimate noise noisy nonlinear nonrealtime notenumbers nrt numer to pitch nyquist ocean omelet onset onset detection organ orquestral osc osc receiver pad pads paint parser abc score notation pattern patternproxies patterns pbind peaceful peak detection pen pentatonic perc percussion percussive performance tool periodic ambient study phase phasemodulation phasing physical model pi piano picker picture piece pinknoise pitch pitch shifter pitch tracking plane playback player plot pluck plucked strings plugin plunderphonics pmono pop pops port position post window prime numbers processing prototype pseudoobject psy pulse pulsing pure pwm quick quine quneo r2d2 radio noise radio static rain random random number generator randomness recorder recursion recursive network relaxed render renoise repetitive research resonance resonator retro reverb reverse engineering rgb rhythm rhythmic rhythmicon rich ring modulation risset routine rungler rythm sample sampler sampling saw saw synth sawtooth sax sc140 scanned scanned synthesis scannedwave scary sccode sci fi science scifi sclang scope scplugins scrambled eggs screen saver sctweet sctweets seek selection sequence sequencer sequencing sequential series of numbers shaman shared shuffle sick signal analysis signalvoid simple simple harmonic motion simulation sine sine cluster sine wave sinewaves singers siren sketch sleepy snare snow soft song sonification sound sound and image sound design sound effects sound file sound fx soundeffect soundeffects soundfile soundfiles soundscape space spacecho spaceship spacey spatial spatialization spectrogram spectrum speculative speech spinback spiral spiritual squarepusher star trek star wars step step sequencer stereo stochastic strange street strings trap stutter substractive synth subtractive subtractive synthesis supercollider svf swarm swarming sync synchronisation synchronization synth synthdef synthesis synthesis techniques synthesizer talkbass tape experimental reich tapestop task tb303 techno tempo terence mckenna texture the muse theory theremin threshold throttling thue thump thunder thx thx deep note time time stretch timpani tip tonality tool transition triad trick triggers trippy trumpet tune tutorial tweet tweetgui tweets twotube ufo underoath unfunky unnamable update upic user interface utility venetian snaeres video game music vinyl emulation visual visualization vocable vocal vocoder voice vowel vsti vuvuzela warp1 wave wave field synthesis waveform waveforms waves waveshaping weak connection wfs white noise wibbles wild wind window winter wobble work in progress xenakis yaxu zap


A2K AY AllpassC AllpassL AllpassN AmpComp AmpCompA Amplitude AmplitudeMod Any AppClock Array Array2D AudioIn BAllPass BBandPass BBandStop BHiPass BHiShelf BLowPass BLowPass4 BLowShelf BMoog BPF BPeakEQ BRF Balance2 Ball BhobHiShelf BhobLoShelf BiPanB2 Blip BrownNoise BufCombL BufDelayL BufDur BufFrames BufRateScale BufRd BufSamples BufWr Buffer Bus Button CCResponder COsc Changed Char CheckBox Class Clip ClipNoise Clock CmdPeriod CoinGate Collection Color CombC CombL CombN Compander Complex ComplexRes CompositeView Condition Control ControlDur ControlRate ControlSpec Convolution Convolution2 Crackle CrossoverDistortion CuspL CuspN DC DFM1 DPW3Tri DPW4Saw Date Dbrown Dbufrd Dbufwr Decay Decay2 Decimator DecodeB2 DegreeToKey DelTapRd DelTapWr Delay1 DelayC DelayL DelayN Demand DetectSilence Dgeom Dialog Dibrown Dictionary DiskIn Diwhite Document Done DoubleArray Drand Dseq Dshuf Dstutter Dswitch Dust Dust2 Duty Dwhite Dwrand Dxrand DynKlang DynKlank EZKnob EZNumber EZRanger EZSlider Env EnvGate EnvGen EnvelopeView Event EventPatternProxy ExpRand FBSineC FBSineL FBSineN FFT FMGrain FOS FSinOsc Fb File FileReader Filter Float FloatArray FlowLayout FlowView Font Formant FormantTable Formlet Free FreeSelf FreeVerb FreeVerb2 FreqScope FreqShift Friction Function GUI GVerb Gate GbmanL GbmanN Gendy1 Gendy2 Gendy3 GlitchRHPF Gradient GrainBuf GrainFM GrainIn GrainSin GrayNoise Greyhole GridLayout Group HLayout HPF HPZ1 Harmonics Hasher HenonL HenonN IEnvGen IFFT IdentityDictionary Impulse In InFeedback InRange Index IndexL Int8Array Integer Integrator InterplEnv Interval K2A KeyState Klang Klank Knob LFBrownNoise0 LFBrownNoise2 LFClipNoise LFCub LFDClipNoise LFDNoise0 LFDNoise1 LFDNoise3 LFGauss LFNoise0 LFNoise1 LFNoise2 LFPar LFPulse LFSaw LFTri LPF Lag Lag2 Lag2UD Lag3 LagUD LastValue Latch LatoocarfianC LeakDC LevelIndicator Limiter LinCongN LinExp LinLin LinRand LinXFade2 Line Linen List ListView LocalBuf LocalIn LocalOut Logistic LoopBuf LorenzL MIDIClient MIDIFunc MIDIIn MIDIOut MIDIdef Main MantissaMask Matrix Max Maybe MdaPiano Median Message MethodError MidEQ Mix ModKey MoogFF MoogVCF MouseButton MouseX MouseY MultiSliderView NL2 NamedControl Ndef NdefMixer NetAddr NodeWatcher Normalizer Not Note NoteOffResponder NoteOnResponder Number NumberBox OSCFunc OSCdef OSCpathResponder OSCresponder OSCresponderNode Object OffsetOut OnePole Onsets Order Osc OscN Out PMOsc PV_BinScramble PV_BinShift PV_BrickWall PV_MagBuffer PV_MagFreeze PV_MagSmear PV_MagSmooth PV_RandComb Pan2 Pan4 PanAz PanB2 Patch PathName Pattern PatternProxy Pause Pbind Pbindef Pbindf Pbrown Pchain Pclump Pcollect Pdef Pdefn PdurStutter Peak Pen Penvir Pexprand Pfindur Pfpar Pfset Pfunc Pfuncn Pgauss Pgeom Phaser Phasor Pif Pindex PingPong PinkNoise Pipe Pitch PitchShift Pkey Place Platform Play PlayBuf Player Plazy Plotter Pluck Pmono PmonoArtic Pn Point Poll PopUpMenu Position Post Ppar PparGroup Ppoisson Pproto Prand Prout ProxySpace Pseg Pseq Pser Pseries Pshuf Pspawn Pspawner Pstep Pstutter Pswitch1 Ptime Ptpar Ptrace Ptuple Pulse PulseCount PulseDPW PulseDivider Pwhite Pwrand Pxrand QDragView QPen QuadL Quark Quarks RHPF RLPF RLPFD Ramp Rand RandSeed RangeSlider RecordBuf Rect Ref RemoveBadValues ReplaceOut Resonz Rest RingBuffer Ringz Rotate2 RoundButton RoundNumberBox Routine RunningMax SCAlert SCCode SCRequestString SVF Sample SampleDur SampleRate Saw SawDPW Scale ScaleInfo Schmidt ScopeOut ScopeView Score ScrollView Select SelectX SelectXFocus SendPeakRMS SendReply SendTrig Server ServerOptions ServerTree Set SetResetFF Shaper Signal Silence Silent SimpleController SinGrain SinOsc SinOscFB Size SkipJack Slider Slider2D Slope SmoothDecimator SoundFile SoundFileView SoundIn Spec SpecCentroid SpecPcile Speech Splay SplayAz Spring StackLayout StandardL StaticText Stepper Stethoscope StkSaxofony Streson String Sweep SyncSaw Synth SynthDef SynthDescLib SystemClock T2A TBall TChoose TDelay TDuty TExpRand TGrains TIRand TRand TabFileReader Tartini Task TaskProxy Tdef TdefGui Tempo TempoBusClock TempoClock TextField TextView Timer ToggleFF Trig Trig1 TuningInfo TwoTube UGen Unpack1FFT UserView VLayout VOsc3 VarLag VarSaw Vibrato View Vocoder Volume Warp1 WebView WhiteNoise Window Wrap XFade2 XLine XOut ZeroCrossing