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Spectrogram of a sound file


Generates an Image containing the spectrogram of a soundfile

MIDI arpeggiator demo

Roughly based on the stock ableton arpeggiator behavior. A lot of variation is possible combining custom ~chordSort and ~notePat functions.

No Quarter pluck synth bass sound

17 May'15 00:41 in basssynthpluck

In response to http://sound.stackexchange.com/questions/35138/help-me-make-a-patch-for-this-bass-stab-pluck Listen at http://ericsluyter.com/sounds/noquarterbass.mp3

Tibetan prayer bells

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Acoustically modeled based on [http://www.freesound.org/people/sarana/sounds/81832/](http://www.freesound.org/people/sarana/sounds/81832/)

Industrial bagpipe army

18 Feb'14 00:44 in subtractive synthesis

Today's attempt at making something with a beat.. Gets interesting when you slow the tempo way down :) [https://soundcloud.com/sluyterrific/industrial-bagpipe-army](https://soundcloud.com/sluyterrific/industrial-bagpipe-army)

All available inputs

11 Dec'13 11:09 in

Type and click while breathing into microphone and still pretend not to be insane

Re: Silly Voice

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11 Dec'13 10:44 in Re: Silly VoiceRe: Silly Voice

Silly gregorian chant, from [Silly Voice](http://sccode.org/1-4Vm)