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"basso gettato" sctweet autopsy

by zepadovani on 18 Jun'15 14:33 in bass sctweet sc140 granulation basso gettato trig grainin

An attempt to explain my sctweet "basso gettato", published in the web-album "SC140" by The Wire by an initiative of Dan Stowell. (http://supercollide

quine sctweet

by aucotsi on 07 Apr'14 20:19 in sctweet tweet sc140 quine

format("%", thisFunction.cs) // #sc140 #SuperCollider


by yota on 27 Mar'13 18:21 in sc140

a tweeting code snippet.

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batuhan's buzzer parametrized

by iani on 10 Dec'12 17:36 in sc140 rich

A beautiful sc140 tweet by Batuhan Bozkurt, parametrized for real-time changes. To do: Add gui widgets for easier interactive control.

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