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LFO blues

by grirgz on 11 Jun'17 14:23 in tweet lfo blues

quine sctweet

by aucotsi on 07 Apr'14 14:19 in sctweet tweet sc140 quine

format("%", thisFunction.cs) // #sc140 #SuperCollider


by chrisdheij on 20 Nov'12 15:35 in tweet rhythm

Hi colliders, this is my first post here, and also my very first sc tweet! It's nothing special, just a little rhythmic Ringz thingy... As a beginn

Sleepy Math Tweet

by Schemawound on 04 Oct'12 14:55 in tweet sleepy math nap

Nap Time.

Sonar tweet

by rogerpibernat on 11 Jun'12 18:29 in sctweet tweet

First attempt to sctweet. Underwater sonar.

Melting Circus Tweet

by Schemawound on 15 May'12 23:52 in tweet atonal melt circus

A tweet that sounds like a circus melting (in space)

3 Tweets - 4/20/12

by Schemawound on 09 May'12 10:01 in sine tweet noise drone rhythm

3 Tweets created on 4/20/12