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by scornaz on 28 Jun'19 18:27 in melody


by Alexander Lunt on 08 Nov'14 19:22 in sound effects gui melody waves synth synthesis wave synthdef additive synthesis ring modulation synthesizer user interface window

A Synthesizer similar to the Ableton Operator: Four Oscillators can be modulated and manipulated in different ways. Just evaluate the whole Code at on

Another fibonaccy melody

by yl0506 on 04 May'13 17:12 in melody

Wow ! the conciseness of SuperCollider is wonderful ! We can make many attractive melodies !

Fibonacci melody

by yl0506 on 04 May'13 16:58 in melody

Wow, the conciseness of SuperCollider is wonderful!

Super Mario Theme

by Dave on 23 Dec'11 20:47 in percussion patterns games song melody tune

This is my favourite computer music tune programmed in SuperCollider: The legendary Super Mario theme :)

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