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parse scale files into Tuning

by LFSaw on 28 Jul'23 16:56 in tuning parser scala

A "parser" for Scala tunings as suggested here:

Monzo function

by eli.rosenkim on 20 Apr'22 19:33 in just intonation tuning partch monzo

function takes in collection as argument, and returns the ratio from the resultant monzo

Comparing M3, M2, P5 in Just Intonation and ET12

by Bruno Ruviaro on 10 Oct'18 20:31 in tuning just et12

Simple handy code for quick class demonstrations. Hear and compare a few intervals in Just Intonation versus 12-tone Equal Tempered tuning.

Chord progressions in just intonation

by bramtayl on 02 Aug'18 16:44 in chords just intonation chord progressions harmony music theory tuning

Seems simple but actually solves a big problem. I've written out an example based on the Christ lag. Total newbie here. There's probably a much more c