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PM stack tweet

by Jonatan Liljedahl on 09 Aug'11 04:43 in sctweet techno phasemodulation

A long chain of phasemodulating sinewaves, modulation amount growing for 4 minutes, ending in noise.

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Dark ambience

by Jonatan Liljedahl on 09 Aug'11 04:44 in sctweet ambient

Glitch folk II

by Jonatan Liljedahl on 09 Aug'11 04:46 in sctweet folk

A tweet made with mostly LFPulse

Dark sea horns

by Jonatan Liljedahl on 10 Aug'11 12:48 in sctweet ambient feedback noise

phasemodulation feedback and allpass network

reception: cosmic (1)

Glitch folk 4

by Jonatan Liljedahl on 10 Aug'11 14:17 in sctweet 8bit folk

another variation on my glitch folk tweet

esoteric tweet

by all n4tural on 14 Aug'11 05:51 in sctweet drone

using sines to make simple number series sound <strike>dreamy</strike> eerie. i'm still waiting for rukano to explain what exactly the LFGauss is d

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by aucotsi on 18 Aug'11 11:23 in sctweet

Bohlen-Pierce Chimes

by Jacob Joaquin on 26 Aug'11 09:05 in sctweet

Generative SuperCollider tweet featuring the Bohlen-Pierce scale. Tweet:!/codehop/status/106521929359433729

tweets more tweets

by aucotsi on 26 Aug'11 14:00 in sctweet

drum tweet

by Jonatan Liljedahl on 28 Aug'11 10:00 in sctweet drums

variation on one of the tweets by aucotsi:

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2:00 & Anniversary

by Jacob Joaquin on 07 Sep'11 13:18 in sctweet

Overheard at 2:00 and Anniversary in Black Rock City. #nautilus

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auto rhythm

by Jonatan Liljedahl on 16 Sep'11 07:03 in sctweet rhythmic randomness

quantized random triggers creates a rhythm that increases in density over the first 30 seconds.

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Re: Dark sea horns

by Schemawound on 06 Mar'12 12:54 in sctweet ambient feedback noise code fork

Something I put together a while back by forking Dark Sea Horns

reception: deep (1)

danger loud click

by alln4tural on 26 May'12 17:12 in sctweet dangerous möchtegernikeda

can anyone tell me what the loud click is, and how to control it? i kind of really like it, but it sounds scary, and the resulting waveform is


by xffff on 08 Jun'12 07:08 in sctweet bitwise beep

sctweet using bitwise ops, careful of the volume

reception: cool (1)

Sonar tweet

by rogerpibernat on 11 Jun'12 18:29 in sctweet tweet

First attempt to sctweet. Underwater sonar.

endless Roger Corman movie

by alln4tural on 14 Jun'12 16:34 in sctweet


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Blue Crackle

by alln4tural on 21 Jun'12 10:26 in sctweet

[]( [

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