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how to generate the synthdef with a pattern


synthdef building should take less time than s.latency for this to work

Import midinote, dur, amp and sustain from midi file using SimpleMIDIFile

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There is the .p method (see but here is also a way to retrieve the values directly


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FM bell and bass

16 Nov'17 01:43 in bassfmbell

Synthdefs inspired by FM8

Eternal sunrise

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LFO blues

11 Jun'17 20:23 in LFO bluesLFO bluesLFO blues


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Late morning

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Re: Launchpad Spiral

21 May'16 20:07 in Re: Launchpad Spiral

For the challenge, let's make the path algorithmically =)

Re: Morphing Saw Bass

14 Mar'16 22:29 in basscode forkmorphingsawtooth

my hobbit: adding random arrays of LFO everywhere (bonus: a glitch i don't know where it come from)

In-App purchase

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the starting element of this track was the "piano" (named dru here) which is picking random notes from a scale then putting them at random time on a beat, then remove and add new notes as time advance. there is a bit of random in bass and perc too. You can hear a recording here :

Pi sonification

14 Nov'15 19:07 in Pi sonification

It take groups of 10 decimals from Pi and use each number as an index in arrays of patterns. If you are bored by pi, you can try other numbers

random patterns

11 Nov'15 19:12 in

this generate very diverse compositions, tweaking is easy and change a lot the sounds generated, adding better synthdef can improve further the sound. A lot to explore here

fm generated melody

11 Nov'15 19:02 in

I'm sure it's a well known technique, but I found this by accident and I'm amazed by the cool jazzy basslines generated from nowhere

Re: Re: the perfect frequencies


That's why I love SC, I just randomly added code, and everytime something cool come from it! =)

Modulation sequencing

01 Sep'15 22:24 in patternmodulationsequencer

Two simple ways to set a different modulation per step in a pattern

Random arpeggio by default

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tri-o emulation

29 Mar'15 19:17 in geometrycontroller

I just saw this controller, not a bad idea, but no need to have real rotating discs ;) Adapting this code for use with a regular midi controller should be fairly easy

radio tunner and harmonica

04 Feb'15 00:06 in

Maybe I should not post code which come directly from the SC documentation, but It's been years that I read this doc, I never listened to the code example of the SelectXFocus man page, and now I nearly fell off my chair, these gems are hidden in examples, this is awesome ! I can play for hours with this harmonica =) I like this playability with mouse. I've added a variation a the end using MouseButton to blow

Sound file position selector GUI


Sometime you want to play a certain part of a sound file, but you must provide the Synthdef with the starting and ending buffer frame number. It's nice to be able to select it graphically. <Space> play the selected part (or till the end if no selection is made), <Enter> stop the playing. The position selected is posted on post window in the form [start, lenght, end]. The range slider allow zooming and scrolling.


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Molecular music box 2


Same algo, but instead of picking the next note in the scale, it take the next event in an event pattern, much more possibilities, I have fun for hours with that =)

Molecular music box

28 Aug'14 00:31 in patterngenerativemolecular

Inspired by this post I rewritten the algo to use more the patterns, so it's generated on the fly and it's easy to customize it =)

greyhole bits

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14 Apr'14 23:11 in greyhole bitsgreyhole bits

Not very original since I copied the bit code from and added a greyhole. But it sound so amazing I want to share it =)

Re: Algorithmic melancholy

27 Jan'14 23:35 in code forkgenerative

A little fork. I left all the old code for historical reasons

Env editor with knobs to edit individual points

20 Oct'13 17:59 in guitooleditor

I needed an Env editor with knobs to edit individual points. Maybe it can be useful to someone. You can zoom horizontally with shift+mouseDrag. Show also a way to write classes with events

Real-time pattern morphing with Ndef

When you understand that Ndef can be used to modulate pattern keys, it opens a whole new world


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I always liked this sound when watching X-Files, then I re-created it by chance =) (fork of the tweet 0007 by redFrik)

electric guitar

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Re: Chicago Chord Pad

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a little fork of the Chicago chord pad. Edit: eliminate the click by replacing adsr by dadsr

pattern morphing


A pattern which do morphing between two event pattern (cross-fading synth arguments)