«yet another tweet» by michal.cab

on 01 Sep'22 14:17 in tweetcode140

dirty and noisy "result" of remembering/learning sc again. still dont understand why it does not work when i move .ar/kr to var definition. hh... will turn it into synthdef...

{var a=LFNoise0,b=SinOscFB,c=Pulse;b.ar(a.ar([2,3])*(c.ar([5,7],b.kr([7,5]))*(a.ar([3,2]))*[800,1200]),(c.kr([100,80])*[2,3]))}.play
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tom.dugovic user 03 Sep'22 19:00

I recommend formatting the code with newlines, and declaring numbers more explicitly. It's useful for debugging. You can likely nix the variables you've used and use the classes in their places. Replace all instances of a with LFNoise0, for instance.

Protip: If you (surround your code with Parentheses), you can execute multiple lines in the IDE very simply with [Ctrl/Cmd + Enter], with the cursor anywhere inside the block.

michal.cab user 04 Sep'22 13:20

yep, guess that style of 140 sc code was about to use dense-on-line formatting, but i understand what you are suggesting concerning readability...