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composer, musician, software developer.

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Many patterns controlling a single synth

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09 Oct'12 10:29 in pbindpatternswobbledubsteppmono

This is a demonstration of how several parallell patterns can be controlling a single synth.


01 Nov'11 10:47 in techno

based on tweet by Michael Winkler

auto rhythm

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16 Sep'11 07:03 in sctweetrhythmicrandomness

quantized random triggers creates a rhythm that increases in density over the first 30 seconds.

drum tweet

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28 Aug'11 10:00 in sctweetdrums

variation on one of the tweets by aucotsi:

PWM crossfade

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16 Aug'11 09:06 in pwmtransitioncrossfade

A demonstration of transitioning between notes in a sequence, by pulsewidth modulation.

Shaman ceremony

11 Aug'11 06:46 in folkshamanhandclap

based on my glitch folk tweets, added handclaps and shaman drumming.

Glitch folk 4

10 Aug'11 14:17 in sctweet8bitfolk

another variation on my glitch folk tweet

Dark sea horns

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10 Aug'11 12:48 in sctweetambientfeedbacknoise

phasemodulation feedback and allpass network

Rain and thunder

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09 Aug'11 16:34 in rainthundernaturesoundeffects

I tried to help a friends friend to find some suitable recording of rain and thunder on the net, but I ended up coding this up for him instead, and he was happy.

Glitch folk II

09 Aug'11 04:46 in sctweetfolk

A tweet made with mostly LFPulse

Dark ambience

09 Aug'11 04:44 in sctweetambient

PM stack tweet

09 Aug'11 04:43 in sctweettechnophasemodulation

A long chain of phasemodulating sinewaves, modulation amount growing for 4 minutes, ending in noise.