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Animation of Simple Harmonic Motion

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A GUI for animating summation of partials as simple harmonic motion, depicted as circular rotation correlated with a graph of amplitude vs. time.


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28 Apr'21 06:35 in snakesnakesnake

a SuperCollider recreation of the the arcade game "snake"

Fireflies Intro - Owl City

25 Oct'20 19:20 in songpopmusicimitation

re-creation of the introduction to Fireflies by Owl City (original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psuRGfAaju4)

multiple wavetable animation

GUI animation for multiple wavetable interpolation

waveshaping animation

GUI animation for signal waveshaping

FM Patterns

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Pattern-based frequency modulation synthesis sketches developed in connection with SuperCollider Tutorial 22 on YouTube: https://youtu.be/dLMSR2Kjq6Y

wavetable interpolation drone

A lush drone using a waveshaping algorithm for interpolating between multiple wavetables. This code is based off of a similar code example by totalgee: http://sccode.org/1-4V1 It was only after coding this example that I realized the UGens VOsc and VOsc3 are specifically designed for this wavetable interpolating/morphing function. But this code was still very fun to build. EF

sine ocean

150 unique streams of harmonic sine waves ebb and flow, gradually drifting more and more out of phase

Sketch Pad

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An environment in which the user can draw using the mouse.

Vinyl Pops and Crackles

15 Aug'11 01:42 in ambientnoiseemulation

old school noise from needle on vinyl

Attack Detection and Amplitude Threshold Setter GUI

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A modular GUI designed to detect amplitude attacks and set a globally retrievable threshold value.