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SynthDEFaults - A Collection of Tradicional SynthDefs- //under GNU GPL 3 as per SuperCollider license //Organized by Zé Craum //This is the first scratch, ASAP it will be avaible in a more organized form. //Some Guidelines from uploading contributiong or helping organizing existing stuff: 1.Executing code should return a SynthDef; 2.The SynthDEFaults should have ControlSpecs for every parameter to define an acceptable range; 3.The SynthDEFaults should not depend on things outside of the core lib or sc3-plugins; 4.The SynthDEFaults should have reasonable defaults that allow it to make a representative sound with no arguments; 5. SynthDEFaults symbol should be always be like \Piano_BabyGrandPiano; \Guitar_FDBEletric... 6. SynthDEFaults must be written using NamedControl Style (Still being updated); 6.1. Additional arguments besides from amp/dur/pitch default events must be written as local variables and must have comments; 7. All the SynthDef should be designed for working with the main scope of Patterns Examples at: Contribuitions, comments, advises, criticisms, etc are very welcome: zecraum at gmail com