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28 Jan'18 22:34 in ambientinstrumentpads


three kicks

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06 Jun'17 17:55 in instrumentkickdrum

some kick drums i wrote back in january. my favorite is #2

heavy snare

06 Jun'17 17:27 in snareinstrumentdrumneurofunk

a very punchy snare in neurofunk style

wavetable bass

02 Jun'17 15:12 in basswavetableserum

wob wob wob

bouncy-ball delay

26 Feb'17 00:08 in effectdelaybouncyball

delay effect with accelerating echoes

electro drum kit

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scrounged together from various youtube tutorials and forum posts

FM Rhodes


port of STK's Rhodey (yamaha DX7-style Fender Rhodes)

scritch scratch (tweet)

07 Aug'16 17:03 in sctweet

sc3plugins required

Barry's Satan Maximizer

a replication of the legendary LADSPA plugin of the same name, originally written by steve harris. a compressor with a super fast attack which results in harsh distortion fx. requires sc3-plugins

Basic piano

23 Apr'16 11:31 in instrumentpiano

Just a SynthDef wrapper around MdaPiano from sc3-plugins.

Reed synthesis


possible basis for harmonica, accordion, etc. adapted from an example from the SelectXFocus help file.


21 Apr'16 19:45 in instrumentpluckkalimbaplucked

i needed a kalimba sound so i built one with SinOsc + DynKlank. feedback and improvements are welcome :)

Risset rhythm

buffer playback with eternal accelerando rhythm

Stutter tutorial

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01 Feb'16 00:27 in glitchtutorialstutter

Stutter effects grab a small segment of live audio and play it back. It is a popular effect in electronic music, independently invented and developed in various ways by audio plugin developers. Here's how to do it in SuperCollider.

DWG sitar model

guhhh, lots of complication for not that much payoff. please fork if you have some ideas for how to improve this

Radial loudness meter


Short-time loudness is represented by an outer arc, and long-term loudness is represented with a circular graph showing the loudness over the last 60s of audio.



as described in "Real-Time Dissonancizers: Two Dissonance-Augmenting Audio Effects" by Matthew Hoffman and Perry Cook. put any kind of tonal sound into it for nasty detuned goodness


07 Dec'14 17:46 in guiequalizerclasses

An edit of wslib's MasterEQ to support busses and MixerChannels, no-GUI mode, better extensibility, etc. A more frequently updated version with docs can be found at

Quine tweet

10 Mar'14 03:01 in sctweetnoisequine

Uses its own source code as a waveform and LFO.

UPIC waveform editor

11 Feb'14 18:21 in guixenakiseditorupictheremin

A fun little GUI toy emulating a freehand waveform editor as seen in Iannis Xenakis' UPIC software. Draw on the graph to edit an oscillator's waveform in realtime.