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Breaking Glass

26 Aug'11 13:50 in Breaking GlassBreaking Glass

Having a smashing time with SuperCollider. I revised this SynthDef - the newest / best one is at the top and my previous version is below. p.s. I stole Fredrik's technique for timed impulses using Dseq: http://new-supercollider-mailing-lists-forums-use-these.2681727.n2.nabble.com/Resettable-Impulse-train-td6719797.html

It's more fun to compute this snare

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An attempt to replicate the snare from "It's More Fun To Compute" by, err... somebody please remind me. As usual, it's close but no cigar. Nano changes in the envelope times produce wildly different end results. Room for improvement: all Rands should be TRands, doneAction should be an argument, then it could be retriggered. Levels and timings of elements could be arguments.

Wibbly Tones

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Concept: instead of having 3 sustained tones making up a triad, how about having several tones that jump to the notes at random? If a number of these are heard together, the effect of hearing the triad will be the same, except the texture will be much more involving. Try setting noOfSynths to 1 or 2 to understand the concept. Room for improvement: pan the tones, perhaps using Splay to make a nice stereo effect.

Feedback resonator

12 Aug'11 19:07 in feedbacknoise

Using filtered feedback with a noise input to produce a tone. Some bass notes turn a little noisy if the freq is left at one value for a few seconds. It's worth scoping this too. Room for improvement: some of the vars could / should be arguments.

Lag to make waves

12 Aug'11 18:55 in waveformsanalogueanalog

A starting point for "analogue emulation." Lagging a Pulse in different ways depending on direction of the input (up or down) changes the waveform as MouseX is swept from left to right.

That infernal machine

Will nobody switch the damn thing off?

Modulated Fold

12 Aug'11 18:36 in noisetexture

1. Since the noise is being folded, and this folding is being modulated according to a sine running at a certain rate, the noise takes on some pitch properties given in the sine. Room for exploration: try some different values in the .range. 2. Similar to 1 but the noise is now running at a much slower rate, and lagged, which results in a much smoother sound.

Nested ifs in a SynthDef

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A short, silly example of using if in a SynthDef. Using Select is generally a better thing to do.

Pebble Beach

12 Aug'11 18:02 in sound effects



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12 Aug'11 17:52 in VuvuzelasVuvuzelasVuvuzelas

Let's travel back in time to summer 2010: a new, evil sound comes to the stadiums of South Africa and the streets of football-loving cities.

Creaking door or roulette wheel?

I aimed for the sound of a creaky door but fell a little short - you be the judge.

Time and relative dimensions in SC


It's almost the sound of a time travelling device.

The Sh*te Saber

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12 Aug'11 17:23 in sound effectsstar wars

Another Star Wars inspired sound effect. Room for improvement: this does not really give the sense of two lightsabers engaging in combat, there should be another humming sound and each one should be panned slightly (as well as tuned a little differently.)

Bye Fighter

12 Aug'11 17:21 in Bye FighterBye Fighter

An attempt at a Star Wars sound effect!