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by eli.fieldsteel on 28 Apr'21 06:35 in game snake arcade

a SuperCollider recreation of the the arcade game "snake"

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Chopsticks GUI

by ludions on 09 Sep'13 18:12 in gui views gui interaction

A GUI example of nesting Views and multiplying widgets, including mouse actions and Pen drawing for each of the views. Thanks to hjh for spotting an e

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Dirty FM Shuffle

by Schemawound on 11 Apr'13 20:42 in bass fm dirty shuffle

Just a dirty FM bass shuffling

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Granular electromaton

by William Mox Drossard on 08 Aug'12 16:33 in texture microtiming rhythm grains granulator

Hi to all SCaddicts, This is my first post here, hope you'll enjoy it. Rhythmic automaton with some nice *hope so* effects.

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sccode in sccode

by rukano on 26 Jun'12 17:11 in code sccode

yo dawg, I herd you like SC Code

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