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Frequency modulated pulse

by nathanielvirgo on 26 Aug'11 14:17 in analogue fm pulse

The standard Pulse UGen doesn't sound very good when its pitch is modulated at audio frequencies. This example shows how to produce a band-limited pu

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It's more fun to compute this snare

by 38nonprivate on 25 Aug'11 13:19 in kraftwerk percussion snare electro

An attempt to replicate the snare from "It's More Fun To Compute" by, err... somebody please remind me. As usual, it's close but no cigar. Nano chan

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by aucotsi on 18 Aug'11 17:23 in sctweet

PWM crossfade

by Jonatan Liljedahl on 16 Aug'11 15:06 in pwm transition crossfade

A demonstration of transitioning between notes in a sequence, by pulsewidth modulation.

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alarm with snooze

by telephon on 14 Aug'11 16:41 in

now with snooze (press mouse button)

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by telephon on 12 Aug'11 00:00 in electronic emulation

Wake up call

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Shaman ceremony

by Jonatan Liljedahl on 11 Aug'11 12:46 in folk shaman handclap

based on my glitch folk tweets, added handclaps and shaman drumming.

Glitch folk 4

by Jonatan Liljedahl on 10 Aug'11 20:17 in sctweet 8bit folk

another variation on my glitch folk tweet

Glitch folk II

by Jonatan Liljedahl on 09 Aug'11 10:46 in sctweet folk

A tweet made with mostly LFPulse

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