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Event type for conTimbre ePlayer

03 Jan'13 22:30 in samplerosccontimbreevent type

Event type for easy integration of SuperCollider with conTimbre ePlayer using OSC. I'll update this accordingly.

Boids Example


Example of BoidRoids in use

BoidRoids Class

Port of the "BoidRoids.js" file contained in the Max distribution examples. Used with permission of Cycling '74 Thought this might be a good example to put up here on writing classes.

ambient scifi pads

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pad synthesis with a couple of loops

more glitch


More afternoon fun. Scale down to 2ch if you need stereo.


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17 Jul'12 22:28 in IDMishIDMishIDMishIDMishIDMish

thanks to whoever it was who wrote the kick and snare, I stole them from the dubstep whatsit from the list ages ago. Bit of time wasting turned relatively interesting.


08 Jun'12 13:08 in beepbeepbeep

sctweet using bitwise ops, careful of the volume