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Help with "Ball" and "TBall"

by Tanguy Roussel on 26 Aug'16 11:55 in

Hello everyone ! I'm learning SC for only 3 months, quiet begining ! I try to imitate the sound of a bouncing ball with the tool "Ball" or "Tball"

by brianlheim on 21 May'15 14:23 in random chaotic meta code generation automatic (Meta-Composer or Meta-Coder Electronique) is a tool for finding inspiration and humor in random but interesting output. Essentially

SC Tweets collection

by andre on 10 Nov'12 18:01 in tweets

SC tweets collection from the SC symposium London 2012

sctweets by redFrik

by Fredrik Olofsson on 10 Jul'12 16:56 in tweets

my collection of tweets. see updated 130513 with tweet0110-0136 updated 131125 with tweet0137-0167 updated 131128 with

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