I'd call myself an enthusiast of interesting and usually unconventional ideas, music, cooking, human behaviour, beautiful fungi and close to everything around me. Located mainly in Huddersfield, sometimes London or Warsaw. Would love to travel to India and a couple of different places later on.

rumush's code

Notch Filter Experiment

A couple functions that explore stacking BRFs in series with PinkNoise as a source.

GrainSin and Feedback

06 Jan'16 20:39 in ambientnoiseexperimental

A patch I made today that explores GrainSin with feedback with FreqShift and Allpass chain. Mess around with parameters, if you get something nice, let me know :)

Algorithmic Beats

A short experiment I did with Pdefs and Pwrand to make a trance-like track focuses on ever-chaning rhythms. I'll post an updated version tomorrow.

Performance Unit - Buffers (part 2)

A draft of performance setup I started working on some time ago. For now I've got simple MIDI controls and buffers that you can granularize. You can read more about it on (sound example): Let me know if you've got any suggestions.

Feedback Ambient

Simple feedback Ndef that can produce variety of sounds by just changing two variables, freq and rt. Feel free to modify the code and let me know what you come up with.

Rhythm Feedback

07 Dec'15 21:30 in

Ndef with feedback where the source gets seperated so it runs through three different effects with LFPulse as volume control. You can get some feedback rhytms out of it.

Hats and Noise

26 Nov'15 20:42 in noiserandom

A couple of rhythmic noise generating functions. All based on the top one.

Chaos Ambient - Unfinished Piece

18 Nov'15 12:01 in randomchaosalgorhitmic

A unfinished noise piece. Based on two chaotic UGens and some granularization.

Lost Among the Atoms - First Composition - Glitch/Ambient

A composition for EP - Lost Among the Atoms

Glitch Routine - Basis for 'Lost Among the Atoms' SuperCollider EP

11 Nov'15 19:45 in

Routine that randomly changes parameters of the glitch function. It is a basis for one of the tracks for 'Lost Among the Atoms' Noise/Glitch EP

Re: SCTweets

10 Nov'15 09:16 in tweetssctweetscode fork

A collection of glitch functions inspired by nathanielvirgo's tweet - You've opened a new world to me :) You can find his function at the very top.

Doppler Effect Composition

06 Nov'15 14:16 in

Almost finished composition based on Doppler Effect from 'Operators-Hypot' in the help file. It just needs a couple of finishing touches and a way to terminate it, as it will run forever but after 8 repeates it just takes longer for it to do so.

A couplse of noise functions

22 Oct'15 11:34 in ambientnoise

A couple of short noise functions

Chaos Glitch SynthDef


Another glitch SynthDef with a simple pattern to play it. You can achieve variety of textures with it. From simple tones to noise and wicked basses. Have fun :)

Re: the perfect frequencies

12 Oct'15 22:08 in ambientcode forkrandom

Random texture generator based on 'the perfect frequencies' code with a simple routine to play it.

Semi-Random Glitch SynthDef

It is a simple SynthDef I made after having a look at Hasher UGen with a pattern to play it. It creates nice and varied glitch sounds.