Jonathan Coon

Monterey, CA

Jonathan Coon's code

Vanguard - A1: Karplus-Strong Synthesis (musc-115-pluck)


This piece is a remix of my previous piece called "Avant Garde" in which a plucking synthesizer is used. In this piece, I have modified the plucking synth and have added more functionality, including reverb and vibrato control. Listen to the piece here:

Entropy - Midterm: THX Deep Note Variation (musc-115-thx)


Each of these synths is a variation of SuperCollider code that replicates the TXH Deep Note. A tutorial for replicating the THX Deep Note can be found here: Listen to the piece here:

Avant Garde - Assignment 4: Algorithmic Harp (Pluck) [musc-9-pluck]


This track was created entirely out of one "pluck" synth in SuperCollider that I manipulated to obtain many interesting sounds. The piece was also arranged and recorded in SuperCollider. Listen to the piece here:

In Divisions - Midterm: Plunderphonics with Granular Sampling (musc-9-plunderphonics)


This track was created using SuperCollider and using granular sampling. The sampled track is In Division (Toxic Avenger Remix) by Underoath. The samples were then compiled together in Ardour. Listen to the piece here: - Jonathan Coon