«Dark sea horns» by Jonatan Liljedahl

on 10 Aug'11 12:48 in sctweetambientfeedbacknoise

phasemodulation feedback and allpass network

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Roberto Lombardo user 10 Aug'11 13:01

wow ...

rukano user 10 Aug'11 13:45

really really cool!

Enno Schultz user 22 Aug'11 22:29

This is awesome... A microfone + reverb and your sketch = atleast 15 minutes of improvisation ... I will for sure use this in a performance and give you credit. THX!

mstep user 17 Sep'12 08:35

yes, very inspiring indeed!

ofstates user 24 Jun'14 19:13

Nice. Could someone explain what is happening on the SinOsc phase. What does this do Ndef(\x).ar*n.ar(0.1,3) ? cheers