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Another fibonaccy melody

04 May'13 17:12 in melody

Wow ! the conciseness of SuperCollider is wonderful ! We can make many attractive melodies !

Fibonacci melody

04 May'13 16:58 in melody

Wow, the conciseness of SuperCollider is wonderful!

Little FM Synth (Second Version)


I tried to increase the modularity of the code synthdef. It remains to improve the modularity and conciseness of code pattern. I find it too "heavy", too "long" ... I also added comments in English this time!

Little FM Synth

29 Apr'13 00:14 in Little FM SynthLittle FM Synth

A simple synth with some controls and a little musical pattern to test it. Sorry if my code isn't very good, i'm a newbie. Help will be welcome ...