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Sound illusions.

by javierlucasm on 10 Jun'23 21:30 in audio illusions

Can u hear the differential sounds? They are formed on your ear and are not real. Based on the electroacustic piece Klang-Bild-Architektur 5/VII by

stranger things

by 56228375 on 13 Jan'18 14:43 in subtractive theoryquark stranger things theme

First 30 seconds or so of the obligatory "stranger things" theme. I didn't make any serious attempt to perfectly clone the original sounds, but I feel

SC Tweets collection

by andre on 11 Nov'12 00:01 in tweets

SC tweets collection from the SC symposium London 2012


by Schemawound on 13 Mar'12 17:47 in drone sick modulate

Just a lunch time tweet

blipecho context

by vividsnow on 01 Mar'12 14:08 in echo feedback code fork klangs

sample mash-up from "Funky Klangs" and "Re: Dub Echo"

reception: funky (1)

Funky Klangs

by Schemawound on 23 Feb'12 15:50 in funky klangs

Just experimenting with patterns