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Converting an environment in a prototype object

11 Jul'21 15:11 in environmentprototyping

/* I often like to write out a library as an environment, like: ~start_sound = { |freq, amp| <...> }; ~start_high_pitch_sound = { |amp| ~start_sound.(14000, amp) }; … and then use loadRelative to load that library. This, however has the problem that you can't stick the whole library into an environment that you call from the outside. e.g. q = (); q.use { resolveRelative("/library.scd") }; and then trying: q.start_sound(700, 0.1); q.start_high_pitch_sound(0.1); will not work. Firstly, it will expect the environment as first argument of each function, second, it won't find a function like ~start_sound from within the call context. Here is a way to convert an environment as needed. */

growing layout

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01 Oct'16 11:10 in guilayout

Just an illustration of how layouts behave dynamically.

Formant filter using the Vowel Quark

16 Aug'15 17:50 in filtervowel

A function to get the n loudest partials, or all partials louder than a threshold, for a formant filter using Klank and Vowel

Re: Dissonator with Steno

Here is a remix in the language Steno.

indepted to time, another quine

This is another acoustic quine (an old one, now repaired), one that mainly consists in time intervals between impulses.

Where did I leave my keys?

01 Nov'13 23:05 in speculativemultichannelcrossing

Cross-tuning between multiple signal dimensions. The code is finished without listening.

functors - Using Pdef for building abstract pattern functions while live coding

A simple example that shows of how to build higher-level patterns using Pdef