emergent's code

OSC etude #1

20 Mar'21 14:36 in

3 bandpass-filtered sawtooth waves, center frequency of bandpass filter modulated by OSC via the multitouch feature of Sensors2Osc

Vocal Clouds (work in progress)

08 Mar'21 14:16 in instrumentgranularsynthesis

A sample-based granular synthesizer to make a cloud-like texture from short vocal samples, which can then be played with a MIDI controller ## ToDo: * add MIDI controls for more parameters (e.g. density, detune, pan, grain position) * add mechanism to choose different vocal samples * add mechanism to balance amplitude variations brought about by different grain durations and densities * possibly add more controls for rate manipulation/overtone generation & grain position * add mechanism to choose between Dust and Impulse as grain triggers (Dust for a slightly more glitchy texture, Impulse for smoother sound)

Meandering Sines

06 Mar'21 15:29 in ambientdronelow

8 sine waves, each with a slightly meandering frequency, random phase, slowly varying amplitude, slowly wandering through the stereo field; pitches are chosen from a given chord that is changing at intervals between 18 and 20 seconds.

first steps with NamedControl

05 Dec'20 18:15 in

my first experiment with NamedControl shorthand notation.

another primitive arpeggio sequence

19 Jul'20 18:24 in

trying to improve upon [my previous attempt at making an arpeggiator](http://sccode.org/1-5dm).

a very primitive arpeggiator

16 Jun'20 17:45 in