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Fragment VI

06 Dec'16 15:50 in

Code to produce this piece: From this album: Which features SuperCollider on every track

Looping sampler with crossfading

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16 May'16 10:56 in

Looping sampler with crossfading. Looping point and loop length can be adjusted.

Fragment IX

05 May'16 16:57 in Fragment IXFragment IX

Code to reproduce this piece:

Detuned Synth Pad

13 May'15 22:56 in synthpadsound design

A SuperCollider implementation of the synth sound described here: ""

Cellular Automaton

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A supercollider implementation of algorithmic composition using cellular automaton (please see: for my original inspiration). This code displays a grid of buttons, which can be clicked to generate new agents which behave according to a simple set of rules, that can lead to interesting emergent patterns: 1. Initially move downward; 2. If a boundary is encountered or if two agents collide, reverse direction; 3. If two agents attempt to occupy the same cell, each agent should rotate 90 degrees to its left and continue moving Sound is generated whenever an agent encounters a boundary, and different boundary locations correspond to different notes on a scale

Yet another molecular music box

24 Dec'14 14:13 in algorithmic

An attempt at coding this algorithm: I haven't really checked for errors, but is sounds ok. There are a few other SC versions as well. See for example: and

A simple drum machine

17 Oct'14 11:13 in drumssequence

A simple drum machine, using synthetic (analog type) drum sounds. No SynthDef's were used, although this would be a good idea. The various "players" can be modified and re-evaluated while the Routine is running....

Pushing air

17 Dec'12 17:32 in Pushing airPushing air

code for disquiet 0050 project: listen here: