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Quneo Additive synth with modulation and filters.

20 Mar'18 17:55 in synthquneo

This is an additive synth using a sinOscFb with an lfo and an RLPF ... it's desiqned for the quneo controller. The pads control note and velocity as you would expect and the x/y controll modulation frequency and depth. Pad presssure controls the add factor of the modulation AND the resonace of the filter. Based on the code from Bruno Ruviaro, 2013-07-22 . This version does clean midi note handling and uses the lovely controls.

looping buffer granuals

15 Feb'18 05:47 in liveloopgrainsgranular

This is a granular synth, much inspired by It's distinct in that the SynthDef loops in a live recording buffer with a slight delay and is added back to the input (on the bus) .... When I was starting I was looking for something like this ....

Stutter live looping buffer

25 Jan'18 06:10 in glitchstutter

The stutter tutorial really has it all. Just not with live audio :)