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more, more, more ( was Re: endless Roger Corman movie


a remix with more melodic content, and -- more importantly -- more zapguns. * [](

more fun with patternproxies, feat. a hack to access internals of the EventStreamPlayer

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possibly too-detailed demo of using functions to generate patterns, and then a function to modify the internals of the resulting EventStreamPlayers while they are running. * This latter function uses a sort of hack (thanks to [Jonatan](, see discussion on sc-users [here]( to get at the arrays inside the patternpairs of the patternproxy inside the 'receiver' inside the stream of the player. `z ='receiver');` * The point here is that using this technique, one need not maintain administrative data about the patterns themselves -- one only has to remember the players as they are being created. ` ` and the meta-point here, beyond me having fun figuring out markdown, is that i would like to make an argument for a less hacky way of legally getting at an EventStreamPlayer's progenitor Pattern. * []( * [](

Blue Crackle

21 Jun'12 16:26 in sctweet

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endless Roger Corman movie

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14 Jun'12 22:34 in sctweet


danger loud click

can anyone tell me what the loud click is, and how to control it? i kind of really like it, but it sounds scary, and the resulting waveform is bizarre, too. []( update: some discussion, and lots of interesting things to try out, [on the list](


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19 Feb'12 17:11 in sine clusterarvo pãrt

sine cluster refix, kind of, a little bit, of Arvo Pärt, "Fratres" "sine cluster" tm rukano (at least, i've never heard anyone else use that term, but maybe that's just me)