zecraum's code

Spectral Cross-Synthesis

By Nathaniel Virgo. See https://listarc.cal.bham.ac.uk/lists/sc-users-2009/msg55766.html This comes from the mailing list as an attempt to simulate the vst Shapee.

Convolution reverb and impulse responses

Boilerplate code for creating and testing convolution reverb and impulse responses

Reverse reverb

11 Jun'23 17:41 in reverbconvolutionreversefft

Reverb reverb by Click Nilson based on impulse response convolution. Posted on the mailing list.

Using MultiSliderView to control the harmonics of a wavetable


example by James McCartney extracted from the mailing list: https://listarc.cal.bham.ac.uk/lists/sc-users-2003/msg05160.html

SCTweets - 140 Character - swiki repost


140 Character Examples https://swiki.hfbk-hamburg.de/MusicTechnology/899 A popular way to share SuperCollider code is to post it to the social networking site Twitter. This site imposes a restriction on the length of posts, limiting them to 140 characters or less. Creating an interesting sound or piece of music within this constraint has proved a popular challenge. It isn't easy to find old examples on Twitter though (some are tagged with #supercollider, but because of the large number of characters this takes up, many are not), so this page collects some (but by no means all) of the pieces that people have posted. They are in alphabetical order of surname or Twitter username. Most of these pieces have been collected from Twitter, and some from the mailing list. I'm assuming it's ok to post them here because they're all publically available in other places, but if not, please feel free to remove your own work. Note that each of the following code lines should be played seperately. You are strongly encouraged to submit your own examples to this page...