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'Require' class for code importing

Require files in your documents and they will be loaded in if they are one of the search paths. First looks relative to the current document then thought search paths in the order they are added. Add search paths with the *add() method in your startup file. So for example you might have this in your startup.scd file: ~mySC = "/Users/bob/Dropbox/SuperCollider/MySC"; Require.add(~mySC ++ "/includes", true); then in any file you can include synthdefs or whatever you like from your /includes folder with Require("myCoolSynth.scd"); or multiple files: Require("player.scd", "delayeffect.scd");

fun little instrument

11 Aug'14 14:41 in feedbackspaceyinstrument

Simple Pulse with some delayed feedback and a 2D Slider as an interface. Sliding around gives different effects to just clicking in different spots.