Orléans, France

Don't hesitate to contact me !

Huge music fan, have studied musicology in order to understand its history.

Have been playing guitar for over a decade, also sing, percussions, keyboards, etc...

Anything I wrote should be considered as a production of the whole SuperCollider community.

Dindoléon's code

Galton Board Simulator

10 Jul'22 18:50 in Galton Board Simulator


Buffer Plotter

This is a setup that allows you to plot a Synth() output, using a buffer. See https://scsynth.org/t/what-is-the-best-way-to-plot-a-synth/5160 .


16 Aug'21 09:51 in guitoolinterfacemenu

Demo of a custom switch button, allowing you to cycle between several states. Connect to a function using view.bindFunction( function ). Supports layout integration, colors customisation, states and current state reassignment.


15 Aug'21 13:04 in guitoolinterfacemenu

Demo of a custom modular menu, allowing you to switch between several buttons instances. Connect to a function using view.bindFunction( function ). Supports layout integration, colors customisation, orientation, states and current state reassignment.

Color Picker, pretty version

14 Aug'21 19:16 in guitoolhsv

See https://sccode.org/1-5fa . Hue slider now updated when changing saturation. Strange bug causing the sliders colors to vary when window is resized, please comment if you figure out how to fix it...


12 Aug'21 11:14 in guienveloppe

A personnal interpretation of enveloppe pictural representation.

ColorPicker ( HSV to Color ), RAW Version

Function that returns a color picker view, and allows to connect it to a function outside of the color picker itself. Contains an HSV to Color() algorithm. No embellishment.

Scale Listener

The Scale Listener is a simple GUI that previews every scale provided in SC, except Ascending/Descending ones. Can also serve as a template for a graphical scale selector, or for didactic purposes.

Dirty Sound Maker

3 1
29 Jan'20 15:07 in ambientdroneguisoftware

Simple GUI to produce dirty ambient drones, based on the 'Mini' concept ( see https://sccode.org/1-5aY ). Really simple to use. Displayed words aren't even existing. Who reads the doc anyway ? Have fun making noise.

Graphical Tracker Functions Example

22 Jan'20 17:42 in guitrackerapi

Example of the Graphical Tracker Functions usage ( https://sccode.org/1-5cA ). Both files should be saved inside the same folder. See internal documentation for more details.

Graphical Tracker Functions

Stores three functions inside global variables which can be used to create either a binary tracker, a probabilist tracker or a combination of these two inside the given view. The tracker is tied to an array referencing the probabilities for a given beat to have the note played. See internal documentation for more details and usage example at https://sccode.org/1-5cB . Note that the GUI is only used to modify an array, and therefore can be used for other purposes than a tracker.

Enveloppe resizing function.

Enveloppes sizes are fixed. This means that if enveloppe's levels are equals to [ 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 ] and times are equals to [ 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ], the synth UGens will take resources 8 seconds but will only be audible 1 second. To avoid this, passing both the levels and the times to this function will detect when the sound stops playing and will reduce the "silence" times to 0.01s, thus freeing the UGens way faster. Can be useful for granular synthesis APIs, where rapid grain emission can quickly overload the server. This function's purpose is to be used with a graphical display, where user cannot control the enveloppe length.


06 Dec'18 08:45 in guigranulargrainmodule

A GUI module to produce granular synthesis textures. Controls are : amplitude, trigger rate, grain duration, number of simultaneous grains, frequency offset between simultaneous grains, random panning and enveloppe.

DiamondSlider : custom unidimensionnal slider GUI.

18 Nov'18 16:07 in guislider

Custom unidimensionnal slider GUI I made for my touchscreen instrument. Presented here as a tuner, but can serve any control purpose.

Poussière : standalone dust generator (uncommented version of luce)

18 Nov'18 13:22 in guislidermodule

Dust2 synth controlled by a custom 2D slider (kind of simulates vinyl crackles). Actually an uncommented fork of the luce module. Easy to integrate and modify.

luce : standalone synth and custom slider GUI demo


luce is a standalone synth module driven by a custom 2D slider GUI. It is easy to integrate and to modify. It also serves the purpose of understanding the bases of developping modules with SuperCollider for beginners.