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blippoo Box

This is a implementation of the blippoo box as it is documented in the article "The Blippoo Box: A Chaotic Electronic Music Instrument, Bent by Design" by Rob Hordijk. i saw on Richard Scotts blippoo box some parameters that are not documented as such in the document so i added them... thats why it has more parameters. I put a Limiter onto the output to make sure it doesn't get too loud. unfortunately i didn't know how to make the distortion inside the filter that rob describes. have fun

Compander coded with ugens

06 Jan'16 14:58 in

I am not sure if anybody else is interested in such a thing but i think it is cool be able to look inside the working of compander inside of SuperCollider. leftchannel=different UGens rightchannel=Compander.ar


04 Sep'14 06:54 in guisynthtb303