Marty Carlton

Spokane, WA, USA

I'm just dabbling here on I'm kind of amazed how long ago a lot of this code was written and still works. Some other code doesn't work anymore, and I wish it did. I just don't have the kind of focus , usually to understand how it all goes together...any code really. :P

Marty Carlton's code


This is just a different keyboard layout for the code I found called "Operator". Thank you Alexander Lunt, wherever you might be! I changed the weird/possibly wrong kind of keyboard layout first into something that resembled piano layout, then I changed it to an old favorite. The Isomorphic layout can easily utilize the offset nature of the different rows of keys on a computer keyboard to play the same chord shapes for each chord type... as seen here: One other change I made, was to move some of the code nearer the beginning/top, because "select all" was stumbling on or missing that portion of code. Let me know if something doesn't work, or fix it yourself and repost!