Alexander Zhagun-Linnik

Moscow, Russia

Alexander Zhagun-Linnik's code



The second piece in this generative series. Note lengths are now variable within a line, but as the result the total duration of a pattern became variable too so lines are not always playing in sync. This, however, adds to overall unpredictabilty and I've decided to leave it like that for this one. The piece sounds wet and cold with much ambience. It is also more harsh than the previous one. Distorted windy tones go out of control sometimes, but I find them really expressive.

Twilight Luminaries

Twilight Luminaries is an endless generative composition based on random polyphonic sequences. While it has some hard limitations like fixed note lengths within a sequence, I was aiming for maximum combinatoric diversity. This is the first piece in series and I'm currently working on overcoming these limitations. The problem of static timbres is another thing I would like to address in future iterations.



a simple self-playing piece with generative patterning