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floating02 patch

05 Jun'22 09:43 in

Late night patching. Ocean and percussion.

digital lowercase from floating point errors


https://scsynth.org/t/why-the-plot-result-of-summing-2-same-frequency-sinosc-with-phase-reversed-is-not-just-zeros/5805/6 quick proof of concept Results of a subtracting two identical out of phase signals from each-other, which should be silent but isn't because of the imprecision of floating point arithmetic... The quiet signals are then boosted to be audible, kind of like digital lowercase music

monzos + sloth patch

fun patch using sloth canons to control places of a monzo

sloth canons


routine that takes a seed and generates a self-similar sloth canon with it by adding each term to each term, better explained in this blog post: https://www.science20.com/robert_inventor039s_column/blog/self_similar_sloth_canon_number_sequences-113689

Monzo function

function takes in collection as argument, and returns the ratio from the resultant monzo


20 Apr'22 19:31 in sievessievessieves

function for working with xenakis' sieves made of residual classes/modules function takes a set of arguments for modulus, shifter and number of digits to compute, and returns a set, which can be used to construct sieves


function that extracts repeating digits in "basimal" representations of ratios

Twin Peak Filters


Ndefs inspired by rob hordijk's twin peak filters, which can accomplish some formant-y fun