maszkowicz's code

Quadriphonic Isochronic and Binaural Brainwave Machine

This synth is a mix between isochronic and binaural braiwave entrainment. If you run it in a stereo speaker (or headphone), it will work fine but you will only hear half of the channels. Once you run it, you can scroll your mouse in both XY directions for generating different effects: X is the frequency of the isochronic tone, Y is the depth of the isochronic pulse. Feel free to modify the effect, or plug your favorite midi controller. The Synth has two beat parameters for the binaural beat frequencies, each of the four channels has a different frequency inducing several effects in the acoustic space. Feel free to modify the \beat1 and \beat2 parameters. The choice of frequencies follows the "Mystic Solfeggio" which is meant to bring a positive vibration to the body and spirit. One thing is for sure, they are very adictive and watch out their psychoactive effect!