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Draft code for wearefive

08 Mar'17 16:13 in algorave

Work-in-progress code for wearefive https://algorave.com/wearefive – works alongside setup code also posted here.

Livecode setup, with comments

08 Mar'17 16:08 in Livecode setup, with comments

My personal setup file for livecoding as at 8/03/2017, with some explanatory comments


08 Mar'17 16:05 in synths

collection of synths I'm using for livecoding as at 8/03/2017


14 Jul'16 12:23 in slow

An improvisation on Formant, also using JPverb (from DEINDUGens) and Decimator (from DistortionUGens). 'Balungan' is the name given to the central, skeletal melody that underlies a Javanese gamelan piece: actually, this is not very gamelan-like at all, although the stately pace and occasional gong-like notes put me in that frame of mind.

another livecoding rehearsal

15 Jun'16 23:11 in another livecoding rehearsal

More rehearsals towards a sort of algorave gig I've been offered, tidied up a bit. One run of this here https://soundcloud.com/tedthetrumpet/lcode-04-gmsnprep-05

livecoding 01

10 Jun'16 23:10 in livecoding

Work-in-progress livecoding setup and example