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Re: sloth canons [Pattern Extension]

24 Apr'22 04:21 in code forksloth canon

Save this as an extension and recompile class library. You can now use `Psloth([0,1,0], 10)`, for example, instead of declaring a new routine for each pattern. I didn't persist the use cases, as this should be saved as a `.sc` file. Please refer to the ancestor code for usage. Memory/CPU usage will grow over time, but at a decreasing rate. This can be used for a large amount of repeats. Extensive testing has not been done on this though.

Re: [improved] Gradually change TempoClock tempo [ accelerando / decelerando ] [extension]


This gradually changes the tempo of a TempoClock, each beat of a specified number of beats, and starting at the next bar. Personally, I was not able to heavily distinguish between `.linlin` and `.linexp` for reasonable musical tempos. There may be a mathematically smoother way of handling this at the control rate. This function does not gracefully handle multiple simultaneous invocations.