LFSaw's code

feedback with limiter

16 Apr'24 18:05 in feedback with limiter

Using the AGC2.1 limiter in a feedback context


26 Jan'24 04:03 in feedbackcompositionreverb

Reverb study


26 Jan'24 02:35 in compositionreverb

reverb study


22 Jan'24 00:33 in alarm!alarm!

Good Morning! Inspired by a Nokia alarm clock sound from one of their non-smartphone mobiles, I designed an alarm clock sound for your mobile. The basic idea is to start with a very simple and short grain, giving you a chance to reach for the phone and turn it off before it starts to get annoying.


21 Jan'24 23:50 in deta-nocturndeta-nocturn

A piece experimenting with the settling of 8-bit programs running in BetaBlocker (Dave Griffith & Till Bovermann, 2011).


21 Jan'24 22:18 in piecefixedmedia

An 8-channel fixed-media piece arranged and composed Till Bovermann aka LFSaw for the 2011 edition of 4for8, Helsinki.

parse scale files into Tuning

28 Jul'23 16:56 in tuningparserscala

A "parser" for Scala tunings as suggested here: https://scsynth.org/t/scales-and-tunings-without-scale-or-tuning/8014/7

freeze playback

Explore options to freeze playback of a sound file (a) by playhead movement (b) by FFT freeze

NodeProxy PlayControl for parallel sounds

04 Aug'22 11:38 in jitlibrecipe

NodeProxy rule to create parallel versions of the same sound definition.