Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

I am interested in European classical music and studied composition, music theory and computer music.

prko's code

A Simple Synthesizer Keyboard 2

27 Jan'24 11:53 in A Simple Synthesizer Keyboard 2

[MIDI output enabled version](

Overtone Explorer

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Introduction of Sweet Dreams

28 Oct'23 00:16 in sweet dreams

inspired from "2018 09 18 18 20 48 sweet dreams twitch" by studioTTTguTTT: "".openOS

Automatic looper by selecting a part of a sound file

05 Dec'22 15:41 in looper

originated from <> and <>.

IP detector

22 Oct'22 06:09 in IP detectorIP detector

This code outputs an array consisting of local IPs (or an array with one local IP if there is only one) except “”. It successfully detects multiple IPv4 addresses as well as one IPv4 address under macOS 12.2.1 and Windows 11. However, under Ubuntu 20.04.3, which ran over Parallels Desktop, I strangely could not assign IPv4 to the second network card. Thus, I confirmed only the output of an array with one IP, but I hope it also could output multiple IPs. related post:

Views with sounds from somewhere in the world

05 Sep'20 09:47 in

inspired by the web site ""

Filter Explorer @ 1000 Hz of the Cutoff Frequency (Centre Frequency)

Special Thanks to Russell Johnston who gave an excellent solution to MouseLeaveAction issue via the sc-users list! Thanks to Fredrik Olofsson who mentioned to the related issue as well.

hommage à l'impressionnisme


An example of iterating randomly filtered pink noise with envelope controls.

Equal-Loudness Contour Experience in SC

05 Apr'18 11:16 in

Equal-Loudness Contour Experience in SC special thanks to James Harkins who resolved my errors in the code via the sc-users list!