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Modanung's code

Chaos engine hum

28 Sep'18 19:28 in ambientenginechaoshumbinaural

A deep binaural cycle reminiscent of the engine of a space ship.


03 Mar'16 16:00 in code forksamplehexonsplatter

This is the sound a KlÄ pilot makes when he's being "uploaded". [[Video]](


Seekers are something you should avoid. I put this code through Rakarrack to get some samples for heXon. heXon is a FOSS dual stick arcade shooter available at

Modanung - Return of the King

05 Jun'15 00:47 in guitarcode forkplucked strings

The final version had a preverb added to it in Audacity. It can be found here:

Bugger Soundtrack

03 Jun'15 23:33 in guitarcode forkplucked strings

This will be the sound track for Bugger, a Frogger clone that started as a school assignment. Simple SynthDef using Pluck, and a few Pbinds. Bugger can be found on [GitLab](