brianlheim's code

1 (Meta-Composer or Meta-Coder Electronique) is a tool for finding inspiration and humor in random but interesting output. Essentially, the main method .newDef() creates a string that, when .interpret'd, makes a new Synth consisting of a given number of UGens plugged into one another at random (although parameters are clipped within acceptable limits). Other parameters for .newDef() are explained in the comments. Note that while I've tried my best to avoid it, it's still possible to crash or overload the server. Of course, the larger the requested SynthDef, the greater the chance of this happening. Apart from just generating weird sounds, the output code can also be seen as a jumping-off point for further investigation or improvement. Sample usage: MCElectronique.newDef(100, 8).postln.interpret I get pretty good results with MCElectronique.newDef(80,8,0.8,0.6,0.3,0.2,true).postln.interpret Sample output: