defaultxr's code

Basic ScopeView example

This is a basic example of how to use ScopeView in your GUIs without having to include all the extra bells and whistles that Stethoscope includes.

How to tempo-sync LFOs in Patterns across multiple instances of a Synth


This code shows you how to tempo-sync the various oscillator types in SuperCollider. When you play the pattern, you should be able to hear that the output will sound fairly consistent, even though the pattern's \dur is totally random. That is because the \tbeat and \tempo parameters are provided to the Synth via the pattern. It is possible to calculate what the starting phase of the oscillator should be no matter when the synth is scheduled to start if you provide these parameters and use the math examples in the SynthDef. The modulo (%) operation is required because otherwise, high values of \tbeat will cause the oscillators to take a while to actually start.

pitch tracker utility

This is a small utility i wrote to make it easy to detect the pitch of incoming audio (i.e. your voice into your mic). I recommend binding the execution of "~pitchTrack.();" to a keyboard shortcut in your editor/IDE. It's incredibly convenient to just input a hotkey and instantly see information about the current frequency and MIDI note number for the incoming audio. Because of how i've written ~pitchTrack, you can use the same hotkey to halt the pitch tracker synth as well. This utility makes it much easier to write melodies if you don't have perfect pitch.