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Damped Driven Double Pendulum Sonification and Visualization

29 Jun'21 23:25 in sonificationphysicspendulum

ctrl+enter to run ctrl+. to stop Version 1. A little toy physics simulation of a double pendulum with damping and drive. The math is a little inconsistent in SuperCollider when dealing with numbers super small and super large, especially when trig functions are involved. I've tried to mitigate the errors by using sinPi instead of regular sin, but you still have to be careful when setting system variables. A strong damping is a must, and you have to be very careful when adding a drive to the system. Otherwise, we see the expected chaotic behavior for a range of easier-to-calculate parameters. Pitch is determined by the distance of the second pendulum bob from the center of the screen, while amplitude is determined by the velocity of the bob.