Soheil Zarrinpour


Soheil Zarrinpour's code

Industrial Fantasia

In the continuation of my inspiration drawn from unpitched sounds, I was on the path to discovering methods for fantasizing situations by incorporating musical elements. I retained the textures of the sounds but ensured they were not merely unintended sounds of actions. Through programming the sounds with their specific textures in varying ratios of rhythm, pitch, and different layers, I arrived at the fantastical scenario of non-musical sounds that I had envisioned in my mind. The core of the piece took shape in my mind by fantasizing about the sounds in an industrial workshop. In the piece, we witness an increase in layers of sound from a line to three lines, and the interaction between layers is designed with sonic ratios and rhythmic ratios. Regarding sound design, my attention is drawn towards the interconnected ratios between SinGrains frequencies and the size and density of the grains. In fact, the created sounds follow an additive method, where the ratios between its partials are the same ratios considered in the size and density of the grains. This type of sound design is a response to my curiosity to link the parameter ratios of everything in an algorithmic way. Thanks to patterns in the supercollider, various types of different order arrangements have been applied to sound parameters, leading to the juxtaposition of various textures. The ability to task has also helped me to implement a score and thus have complete control over the behavior of each sound layer against each other.