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Hotel Cheree - MUSC 115 FINAL

06 Dec'16 00:04 in

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Villainous - 115granular

29 Nov'16 18:36 in

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Stuff On My Lawn - 115modulations

Sometimes, there's just too much stuff on your lawn... y'know? Published under the CC Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. (eg: "Take it and run boys!")

"The Hills" - The Weeknd

03 Nov'16 07:20 in

This is a cover of a song by Abel Tesfaye titled "The Hills" done in SuperCollider. You can find the original here. WARNING: VIDEO IS SOMEWHAT GRAPHIC. LYRICS ARE NSFW.

Close in Counters of the Fourth Mind

14 Oct'16 19:30 in

Utilizing some Ar's, Kr's, and Pbinds, we can find ourselves in a counter of the fourth mind.