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Piano phase

07 Apr'20 07:39 in patternsphasingpiano

Early experimentation with patterns. Attempt at recreating Piano Phase by Steve Reich with random part lengths.

Paulstretch for SuperCollider

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07 Apr'20 03:46 in ambientdronestretching

This is a port of the basic Paulstretch algorithm to SuperCollider (no onset detection). Mono version, for stereo, use 2 instances hard panned. The sound buffer needs to be mono too, so use Buffer.readChannel to extract separate channels. The stretch parameter is modulatable. That allows for phasing effects if using more than one instance. Thanks to Paul for his feedback! Check his work at

Visual gain reduction meter

Simple visualisation of the gain reduction for effects like compression. It can be run in its own editor window and requires only minimal modification of the original code. Uses OSC messages like in the example of LevelIndicator. There's an implementation exemple at the bottom of the code. The main trick is that the meter actually shows (1 - gain_reduction) but the colours are switched between the background and the meter to give the illusion of an inverted meter.