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Apocalyptic Visions

15 Mar'16 06:47 in visions

For my MUSC-115 Final. I decided that I would try to remake all that I could from Visions (my first song that I produced). It was a challenge to get the sounds just right but it began to all come together. As I was messing around with MouseY/X code my dog was playing around in my backpack and messed around with my bluetooth mouse. It created this almost apocalyptic feel when I was transitioning to a synth that I made to a recording. So naturally I let my dog take control of the mouse. I put it in front of him and he didn't do anything but he began to put his paw on it and move it around and that is how I got the transition. Finally, I took over the mouse to put the final long end to it to give it the ending that I was looking for. The last part of this code was stuff that I didn't use but I thought sounded great so I wanted to share it with you guys to make use of it in some way. Regards, AK