«Quine tweet» by snappizz

on 10 Mar'14 03:01 in sctweetnoisequine

Uses its own source code as a waveform and LFO.

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julian.rohrhuber user 18 Mar'14 09:52

Nice. To work out, I had to add 3 *'s (luckily they still fit with max tweet length):

interpret(x="/******/play{RLPF.ar(COsc.ar(b=Buffer.loadCollection(s,x.ascii.normalize(-1,1)),Osc.kr(b,1,0,65,35)),Osc.kr(b,0.1,0,300,1e3))/5}") otherwise I get: "Warning: size of wavetable not a power of two"

julian.rohrhuber user 18 Mar'14 09:53

I meant:


julian.rohrhuber user 18 Mar'14 09:54

Strange. The web-application eats the code, this is probably what had happened already to the piece.

vividsnow user 18 Mar'14 10:17

apparently, it is due markdown formatting in comments

p.s. i should make commenting more friendly